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Straight Razor Acquisition Thread

Okay, so I'm definitely not being original on this, totally taking Bigfoot's idea, but I love looking at the Safety Razor Acquisition Thread on the DE Subforum and I haven't been able to find one for straight razors. I'd love to see any Straights you've recently acquired (Pictures are a must). This Fromm is one of my most recent acquisitions
Those are awesome! I've heard a lot of good things about the Revisor Razors themselves. Did you order that one from their site or 3rd party?
Picked this up on the 'Bay last week. These are the pictures before I shipped it off to be expertly restored and rescaled by one of our amazing members.

I'll post more as soon as I get it back :)

Got these two today. Came with some awesome custom scales. Both are near wedges.

WM Stenton & Son Again Superior

A hair under 9/8 at the widest point.


R. Waldo Warranted

Has Magnum Bonum etched on the blade with some beautiful scroll work around it.

A little under 8/8 at it's widest.

These are both seller pics. Got this tosuke kamisori the other day,
It just needed soap and water and cleaned up really nicely. Honed yesterday and had a really nice shave today. A little more refinement and it will be fantastic. First kami other than the Martinez pass around. I really like the size and balance of this one.

Arriving today an F.A. Koch microtome.
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