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Start saving your $ and making your shopping list.....

I am pleased to announce that in September Robert from The Gentleman's Shop will be extending a Permanent 10% off coupon/link to all badgerandblade.com members!! Not only that - but his new webpage/online retail shop will open in September as well - so I forewarn you gentleman - tighten your belt a bit, and be ready to gorge in September!!

Less eatin' more :shaving:
Oh great....
more to spend my money on. OK in all fairness I've ordered from Robert before and well, the serrvice, selection, and speed are absolutely top notch.
John P.
I was literally about to pull the trigger on an order of Taylor's colognes from the store. Guess I will wait for the discount.

Great news!! :thumbup:

Just a quick update.... Robert sent me....

"The new version of www.gentlemans-shop.com will be online soon and I will be in a position to offer members of www.badgerandblade.com an unconditional 10% discount from 15th September 2005. To receive the discount all they have to do is enter the code badgerandblade in the coupon code box on the shopping basket page and the discount will be deducted.

I will keep in touch with the progress of the new site.



The new site will be launched the week after next and there will be a permanent 10% discount when you enter the code badgerandblade into the coupon box at the shopping basket.

I will let you know when the site is live.

Regards, Robert
Hi Austin,

The site will stay in GBP, but show a settlement figure in USD at the current exchange rate when you charge your credit card or use PayPal.

However I will be launching a USD only site in early November, complete with discount...

Regards, Robert

I'm delighted to announce that from today if you enter badgerandblade into the coupon code box in the shopping basket 10% will be deducted from your bill.

Regards, Robert
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