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Wolfman WR2.95 • Tatara Platinum • DG B17 • GD Ousia & II

Night before Christmas shave

Razor: English Gillette Tech, alum hand, brass top+bottom plate
Blade: BIC Chrome Platinum (2nd use)
Brush: Omega 10098
Cream: Shave (Formerly Fauldings Shave)
A/S: Wavol bay rum

A budget Aussie shave today. The Shave cream was my first cream and what I learned to shave on. It's cheap and acts as such, but you can get it to perform once you learn how to. Use heaps with a well shaken and squeezed brush and only add tiny amounts of water. The lather dries on the face rather quickly and leaves no residual slickness. Yet I have a soft spot for it, if only for it's lavender scent. But I had a very close and comfortable shave, no nicks or bumps.
The Omega easily holds enough lather for 3 passes, and I like this handle style the best of all my brushes. This cream works best face lathering with a painting motion than scrubbing, and I find this handle style works best for that.

Ron R

I survived a lathey foreman
Sunday shave, December 24th 2023

Razor : Razorock mission, Mfg 2014>,mid range. Great razor + very affordable. A person should be able to receive a close shave with reasonable technique IMO. Good chromed parts and handle is RR 316SSP knurled handle. Had a close comfortable shave this morning.
Blade :Gillette Nacet (1) sharp and smooth + reasonable longevity.
Soap : Razorock Blue barber, nice scented soap with excellent lather qualities.
Brush : Chinese unknown brand, 22mm synthetic. Great on the road brush.
Pre shave : (Dedicated Cashmere synthetic)Brush wash whole face with CeraVe hand bar cleanser with a dollop of clear Aloe Vera on the cleaned beard area.
Prep : Cold water rinse after each pass of 2 + pickups. WTG + ATG + pickups.
Post shave : Ach Brito Lavanda with witch hazel + a dollop of CeraVe moisturizing lotion(scentless).
Results : Dial 10.jpg or CCS,DFS,BBs + no irritation + no weepers=:a17: Had a close comfortable shave this morning with my RR Mission razor.
SOTD December 24 2023.jpg

Have some great shaves!
Dec 24, 2023

Prep: Hot towel
Razor: Rockwell 6S – #3
Blade: Gillette 7 O'Clock Super Platinum
Brush: Brad Sears Archduke 26/50 2-Band Manchurian
Soap: Macduffs Soap Co: Winter Cabin (V4 base)
Post: CeraVe moisturising lotion..
Fragrance: Zaharoff Signature Pour Homme
a superb shave on this Xmas Eve... merry Xmas everyone..
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