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SOTD September 4 - September 10

Coles slant razor
Simpsons brush
Taylors Rose shave cream
Harris Pink
Trumpers Iced Cologne
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Merkur Classic w/ Derby
EJ Medium Silvertip
Taylors Avocado
Thayer's Lavender
C&E Nomad (just for a touch on the neck)
Coral Skin Food
B&B Cologne (freakin awesome!)
Hot Towel
Proraso pre/post
AOS Fine Badger Brush
Tom's of Maine Mint Shave Cream
Gillette Fat Boy
Witch Hazel
Nivea ASB
Merkur 1904 w/ Derby blade (day 4)
SR-204 brush
QED Tangerine & Spearmint soap
Thayer's Lavender WH
Proraso pre/post

Merkur 1904 w/ Derby blade (day 5)
SR-204 brush
Honeybee CoolWater soap
Thayer's Lavender WH
Proraso pre/post

First shave with the Chubby 1 in super and it is a completely different experience for me. Coming from larger brushes the first thing I noticed was that it takes longer to make lather then from my Vulfix 41 for example.

Though when the lather finally comes around, all I gotta say is wow! There’s globs of it and this tiny brush can hold a lot of water and lather as well. Don't let it's size fool ya.

In terms of the feel of the brush on my face, once again it is completely different then the Vulfixs'. It is very very densely packed and provides a nice scrubbing action as most members have mentioned before. It also is the perfect size for my face it is a pleasure to use. The only gripe I have about this brush compared to my larger brushes is the size of the handle. It kind of gets hard to hold on to after a while however this is not a big issue. I think I will end up keeping this brush, though after just one shave, I may have to wait a bit longer to find out for sure.

It was also my first time using the DR Harris Pink A/S splash and it was also a pleasure to use. No stinging clean rose scent and it goes on very light. If you haven't tried it already go out and get some!
Merkur Classic with WIlkinson blade
CT Cedar and Lemon cream
Alum block
CT Cedar and Lemon ASB
Trumper Sandalwood Cologne
Merkur HD w/ a Derby
Shavemac 23mm Silvertip
Mama Bear's Rosemary/Mint
Proraso Pre/Post cut w/ Thayer's Rose
Merkur 1904/Israeli Blade
Shavemac 22563
Proraso Green Tub
Proraso A/S Splash
Proraso Pre/Post

L'Occitane Green Tea EDT

Herbal Essence shampoo
Palmoil based Savon de Marseille
Nivea Active Protect deo

Merkur Classic Long Handle with Swedish Gillette Platinum (day 2)
EJ Best Badger brush
T&H West Indian Limes shaving cream (sample)
Alum block
Nivea Extra Mild AS balm for sensitive skin
SOFRI Cool Moistorize Concentrate balm

Laura Biagiotti's ROMA cologne
Omega brush
Merkur Vision
Proraso shaving cream (green tube) ah, com'e si morbida e fresca! ah, how soft and cool!) :cool: :thumbup1:
St-Ives Intensive Relief moisturizer
Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme edt

Hot shower
Proraso Pre
Merkur HD/Feather (day 4)
Vulfix brush
Momma Bear Hydrogen soap
Alum block
Men's-U facial wash
Men's-U aftershave creme
Clubman talc
Realm cologne

Fair shave but I am thinking of retiring my Hydrogen to the shower as I cannot get any real slickness on my face from the soap in comparison to other MB or QED soaps.
GFT limes SF as PS
Dovo-Golddachs Spezial Rasierseife
Plisson Euro white 10
Merkur Futur w/ Gillette super silver blade
C&E sandalwood AS balm
Hot Towel
Proraso pre/post
AOS Fine badger Travel Brush
Taylor's Lavender
Gillette Fat Boy w/Israeli
Witch Hazel
T&H 1805 Cologne
TraderJoe said:
Hey Tom, how would you desribe the scent of Booster's?
Hi Joe, for me it's difficult to describe, for my nose it smells a little bit like Mennen Skin Bracer Original, but it has a nice "barber-shop" scent and it's not long lasting, sorry if I can't describe it better.


Merkur HD w/Derby
Vulfix 2234
Musgo Real Cream:thumbup1:
Alum Bar
Thayer's Rose WH
Feather ASB
Baxter ASB

Dolce & Gabanna EDT
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