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SOTD September 4 - September 10

To start the Labor Day week off (while at work) :cursing:

SMF I Shave Brush
Merkur Classic Long Handle with Feather DE blade
Taylor of Old Bond Street - Mr. Taylor Shave Cream

Geo. Trumper - Sandalwood Cologne
Gillette Fatboy with Gillette blade
Trumper Sandalwood cream
Alum Block
CT Cedar & Lemon ASB
Trumper Sanadalwood Cologne

The brush is a Rooney Style 2 small Silvertip.

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Merkur Slant/Euro Gillette
Shavemac 23mm in Finest
Salters Fresh Mint
Alum Block
Proraso Pre/Post

Taylors #74 Victorian Limes

shower w/ Bronnley body care for men soap

GFT limes skin food as preshave
GFT coconut oil cream (how I adore this cream:001_wub:)
Plisson Euro white 12
Merkur Futur w/ Gillette super silver blade
GFT limes skin food
Monday, new week, new shaves :smile:

Merkur 34c HD
Lord Blade
Muehle Pinsel SB
Cussons Imperial Leather Vintage Shaving Stick :cool:

GREAT SHAVE Really smooth nice BBS shave :thumbup:

Have a nice week all of you :smile:
Herbal Essence shampoo
Marseille palmoil based soap

Merkur Classic Long Handle with Swedish Gillette Platinum blade (day 1)
Trumper's Coconut
Alum block
Nivea Extra Mild AS balm for sensitive skin
SOFRI Cool Concentrated Moisturizing cream

Laura Biagiotti's ROMA cologne

After 2 Derby Extra blades I tried a Swedish Gillette again. The blade itself felt a big "rough" on my face but I'm not sure whether this relates to the blade, the shaving cream or a less good prep. The result was in fact a very enjoyable and rather BBS shave, although that initial rough blade feeling made me feel less comfortable compared to a Derby Extra.
Omega brush
Merkur Vision
Palmolive (US) shaving cream
St-Ives Intensive Relief moisturizer

no doubt about it, the American Palmolive is different from its European counterpart.

Merkur HD w/derby (day 4)
Muhle best badger
Nancy Boy cream
witch hazel w/peppermint eo
Nancy boy aftershave gel
Merkur Futur w/Swede Gillette (2nd day)
Proraso Green Tube
C&E Brush
Nivea A/S Balm

Excellent shave, zero irritation.
Richard, my European Palmolive is from England. I see your Sensitive version is from Romania. Mine is the "Classic", is the one you have any good?

Shower: Nancy Boy shampoo, Oregon Soap co. ( friggin amazing bar soap )

Shavemac razor w/Feather blade
Omega silvertip
Taylor's Avocado w/ Oregon Soap co. French clay soap in the mix.
QED Da Vinci Water
My face was feeling so good after the soap that I skipped the ASB.

This Oregon Soap Co. is bar none the best bar soap I have ever used. This soap will be replacing my Nancy Boy bars, and the NB face cleanser!
Yeah, I'm at work too. Hello America in the 21st century.

Gillette Tech
Personna Blade
Proraso Green Tube
C&E Pure Badger Travel Brush
Proraso ASB
Old Spice Cologne
Dr. Bronners Peppermint liquid soap
Proraso Pre

Proraso cream
Shavemac 556 (Finest)
M3T aftermarket handle
Dickinson's Witch Hazel
Will G Peppermint A/S balm
Jason's Aloe Gel 98%

Old Spice cologne

crackstar said:
Richard, my European Palmolive is from England. I see your Sensitive version is from Romania. Mine is the "Classic", is the one you have any good?


It's not bad actually. The first shave I had with it a few weeks ago wasn't that great. I shaved with it again today and used more cream and more water. I had a great shave with it. It has a lovely scent. It seems there are many Palmolives, this one has aloe.
Richard, I used the American Palmolive, which is good also, but somehow, I think I prefer the European version, you know, the one I was telling you that I have. I have another Palmolive from Italy which is mentholated. That one is pretty good also, but the moisturization is not quite as good as the other 2 that I have. My parents who live in Florida want to send me some more of the American stuff, but I told them not to.


-Merkur Classic HD w. Merkur blade (2)
-SCS best badger
-OLIVIA's Wasserman shave soap
-Aqua Velva Classic Ice Blue A/S
-OLIVIA's A/S balm > moisturization

Cetaphil Face Wash
Proraso Pre in Shower
Merkur HD w/ Derby (Day3)
Futur Silvertip
50-50 mix of GFT Sandalwood and C&E Sweet Almond Oil
Dicksons Witch Hazel
Musgo Real AS
GFT Coral Skin Food

Great Shave :thumbup1:
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