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1/14/24 SOTD

WR2 1.25 w/ Durham Duplex handle
Captain's Choice Copper Lather bowl
Rudy Vey Shavemac 2 Band Silvertip
Ethos Mandarino Fumo soap & skin food
Sunday, January 14, 2024.

Floïd oil pre shave. Acca Kappa, 1869: Shaving soap, balm aftershave & EdC. Pablo Fuertes: Boti Brush-SHD Captain Finest, bulb 24 mm, two bands badger, custom horn poliester resin handle knob.Coltelleria Fontani, Baciamisubito, k720, 7/8, Square, manico in Corno di Bue.

So far, Iris is my favorite of the three Maxima soaps I have used. All three generate superb lather, but Iris is the most delightful to my nose, and the most easily approachable for me. Ironically, I really can't say how faithful the scent is to an iris. I say "ironically" because iris is one of my wife's favorite flowers, and among the many that she grows and and beautifully arranges to grace our table with their beauty and fragrance. I am certain though, that the scent is lusciously floral, as well as very clear and present. Paired with Dior Homme Intense, a mildly contrasting floral musk, this shave was a real treat.

2024-01-(13-14)N sotd.jpeg

Brush .... Chisel and Hound V22 Fanchurian (26mm)
Soap ..... AION Skincare Iris (Maxima)
Razor .... Blackland Vector
Blade .... Kai Titan Mild ProTouch MG
Post1 .... Witch Hazel w/ Alcohol
Post2 .... CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion
Finish ... Dior Homme Intense EDP

Brush: Shavemac "Kleiner Bayer" Silvertip D01 2-Band 14/42
Soap: Phoenix Atomic Age Bay Rum
Razor: Yaqi Duomo (2)
Blade: Suneko (10)
ASL: Clubman VIBR

A superb shave. :biggrin:

Two shaves in and I'm even more in love with my Yaqi Duomo!

The Suneko blade performed really well again with no sign of deterioration, an excellent blade. I'm sure the Suneko could go on giving great shaves for much longer... but as I have itchy feet and too many blades I'll be moving on (next shave). A big THANK YOU to @AshleyC for starting the Suneko thread, it's a winner! :thumbsup:

Happy shaves guys. :cornut:
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