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🧼 🪒 SOTD "ARTISAN SOAP/CREAM WEEK" April 10th - April 16th, 2023 🧼 🪒

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Face wash with Neutrogena Liquid Face Soap
Martin de Candre
Simpson Chubby 2
Captain’s Choice Copper
Wolfman WRS SB 1.05
Personna Medical Prep
Thayers WH & Proraso ASB
Versace, The Dreamer
Going with a new razor and blade today. Yesterday I used the RR Stealth Slant and Kai blade and with the last pass, I could feel the blade giving way. Today’s razor is the Wolfman WR 2 SB 1.05 paired with a Personna Medical Prep blade. That combo always results in a close shave and it followed through today. The brush today is a Chubby II in best. It did a nice job of making lather. The MdC is on its 75th use. A perfect shave. Have a good one, folks.
Merkur 34c with Feather DE blade
Cheap Amazon wooden bowl with grooves
Cheap Amazon resin "skull" brush
Proraso Green soap
Quick face wash with Dove bar soap just to clean out debris
2 pass shave
Hot towel after
Nivea balm
Thirty minutes later, Adidas aftershave


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Sat 15
Soap OSP Bayrum
Brush DS Cosmetics 26mm Silvertip Badger
Razor Lakeside Cutlery, Chicago, ILL
Aftershave Aqua Velva Ice Blue
Fantastic combination of soap, brush, and splash...
2nd use of this excellent razor. Stropped on the roo leather, the edge was soft, smooth, crisp, and very comfortable in 3 passes for a bbs-dfs finish...just awesome!
Razor: Schick Adjustable
Blade: Schick (14)
Brush: Omega 10049
Bowl: Captain’s Choice Copper
Soap: Cooper & French Fresh Start
Aftershave: Witch Hazel - Bootlegger’s Perfecto
EdT: Cuba Orange

I’ve been using synthetics for quite a while. I didn’t pay enough attention to how much water this big boar will carry. I ended up with lather that was way too thin. Still a comfortable, irritation free shave

April 2023 GRUME
SV Saturday

Hello friends

Saturday dawned overcast. I thought it would be the perfect time for an SV Desert Vetiver shave and debuting the Green Cult 2.0 base plate IV that arrived yesterday. I took it easy, as I knew that a Gap of 1.05mm and an Exposure of 0.20mm would be aggressive. As I'm a fan of the R41 and prefer to use it riding the cap, I soon realized that with GC 2.0 this would not be the best way. I intuitively tried to find the right angle, until I adapted very well to the steep angle and started riding the bar.

What a shave!
Very efficient without being too aggressive. I loved. I think that in the next few attempts, more sure of myself, I will easily arrive at a splendid BBS.
To go with it, the old and always good Omega 48 Pro that I soaked overnight, a new Astra SP and Malizia Uomo.

On this trip I invited the great The Nat King Cole Trio.

Rating: 9

Have a nice weekend and great shaves.

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Friday, April 14, 2023.

Floïd oil pre shave. Saponificio Varesino 1945, black dolomiti, shaving soap & aftershave lotion. Bruji, CR1 XL Chubby, two bands badger, 28x50, exotic ebony wood. Ali's blade: 7/8 suminagashi takefu 23 layers, cocobolo scales. Santa Maria de Novella: Alba di Seoul, EdC.


Brush: Shavemac 20/46 Silvertip 2-Band
Soap: Clubman
Razor: Knockout [made in Sheffield in 1947]
Blade: Gillette 7o'clock Black (10)
ASL: Clubman Classic Vanilla

An excellent shave. :biggrin:

I've just promoted my Knockout to Top Favorite Closed Comb. That gives me three top favorites. The other two are my NEW RFB Open Comb and my Flat Bottom Tech (straight/solid) Safety Bar. All of them vintage. :yesnod:

Happy shaves guys. :cornut:
Saturday, April 15,2023.

Floïd oil pre shave. Australian Private Reserve (APR), Fougère bourbon rose, shaving soap. Zenith Manchurian Brush, Italy M22: Manchurian Brush. 27.5x51mm. 2-Band Badger, Tall Multicolored handle. Filarmónica 14 Doble temple, custom acrilic candy stripe scales. Myrsol: Plastic shave, Emulsion aftershave & Blue EdT.

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