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Some of my naturals

I got a new camera , so those are ,some of my natural hones .






Coticules , natural combos , single layers and new coticule slurry 100 circles and laps. The last pictures next to the big coti is a russian carbocorund barberhone = Very hard gives 7 - 8 k levell with lather , 4 - 6 k plain watter or dry .
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Thuringians a black thuris and a barber delight two layer Blue Green .



natural graphite shist that i find here in Bulgaria feedback , just like thuringian very fine butt this piece has a 7-8k levell particles inside so it gives 7-8 k levell scratch marks om a 11 - 12 k levell sharp edge . intresting stone . I have to go to the mountain again and try to get a clean fine piece of it . Very fast .
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My stone with slurry


From left to right - Bg hard blackshist , black lidyte very fine and hard hone / black ark like / , the third is again fine and very hard BG shist , Than combo belorechit with a black rusian jasper , and a bulgarian fine black grey shiste - 3-7 k levell very good in the midle grits work on slurry , on plain water or lather gives 8 k levell edge , very sharp .


cretan mounted in wood block and a graphite hard black hone , synthetyc graphite piece i use it fir finishing dry . very good snd sharp edges .

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kittys in the box / thuris / hahaha

I have many others stones but pictures are time consuming .to be continue .....
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Rusen you crazy guy ;-) you really have a great collection of stones!! Thanks for sharing....

Is that on in the paddle a fine Turkey stone?
Yes a fine cretan . next to it is a piece of fine black hard graphite that is used dry and gives best edge coticule like very sharp and fine , without dilution of slurry and so.
there is a 3 pics of bulgarian graphite mud shiste very fine . It haz a thuringian feedback but with some coarser particles inside .
Very fast stone .

I whanted to post those pics , in a reason to proove that im not a crazy forum maniac and that i stand up for every word i whrote .
Just to assure you that im a real guy not a liar .

I was using some of the hard stones with a thin oil lately , and they arent properly degreased . I will use lather next time to clean them good from the oil ha ha ha ..
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Well i still dont have a Jnat :bored: Maybe some day when i hit the jackpot on the lotary ....
they told me that the bigges size Cnat haz arived today . Let the game beggin ...
I just checked my eyes. I'm so jealous they just changed from brown to green!

Thanks for sharing, now I can point out to my wife that I DO NOT have too many hones.
If i learn something abbout the naturals is that the quality is important . You dont need many as i do as i get them cheap on the fleamarket. For coticule you need something good like a Dcado 111 Barbers pet or la Veignette and 1 coarser fast coticule and thats it . One more, good old thury from 6 to 8 inch for finishing and a 1/3 k good stone / Suehiro /bevelsetter . 4 stones progretrion for every blade if you arent a maniac . Or a sick guy like me
People are chasing young women , we are chasing old honing stones ha ha ha
Nice stones Rusen, thanks for posting.
If only chasing old honing stones could produce new baby honing stones like chasing young women! :w00t: :lol:
I've seen a few people not taking sensible precautions and ending up with a pile of baby nagura where they once had a beautiful stone.
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