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FS Straight Razors, Simpsons Brushes, and Other Stuff

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Razors have been disinfected and freshly honed with tape to 10k on shapton glass stones and then finished on black ark and well stropped. All razors have some hone wear, but shave well - other details in the descriptions below. Selling these at about 50% new cost.

$125 - Ralf Aust 7/8 African Blackwood: Some black rust around pivot pin, cleaned as well as I could. See pictures. Includes box

$150 - Ralf Aust 6/8 Horn, includes box

$90 - Dovo Bismarck 6/8 Pearl Acrylic: Some wear on gold wash, see pictures. Includes box.

Razor Etch Side.jpg

Brushes are used and have been used in rotation for about 4 months:

$30 - Simpson Duke 2 Pure Badger: Great if you like a scrubby brush. I liked this one for face lathering, but making room for others. No box.

$40 - Simpson Chubby 2 Synthetic Bristle. No box.

Brush Overview.jpg

Other items:

$15 - Shaving Scuttle

$75 - Natural Whetstones Translucent Arkansas 6x2x3/4, lapped on one side. Includes wooden box.

Other Stuff Overview.jpg

CONUS only, add $6 for shipping.

Detailed pictures attached.


  • Boxes.jpg
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  • Brush Top Down.jpg
    Brush Top Down.jpg
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  • Dovo Gold Wash Wear.jpg
    Dovo Gold Wash Wear.jpg
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  • Dovo Gold Wash Wear 2.jpg
    Dovo Gold Wash Wear 2.jpg
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  • RA Blackwood Pivot Rust.jpg
    RA Blackwood Pivot Rust.jpg
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  • Razor Overview Reverse.jpg
    Razor Overview Reverse.jpg
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  • Trans Ark Other Side.jpg
    Trans Ark Other Side.jpg
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