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GIVEAWAY! Some modest EDC gear - How well do you know my favorite movies? PIF

Thank you @velocityboy . It’s a very funny contest, although very difficult. Some movies I had to think hard to remember, and some I never watched.

The movie with a little girl wearing a hat, I been thinking about that movie for days 🤪. I‘ll watch all the movies I missed.

The sagas are so frustrating, it’s easy to pick the franchise, but so hard to remember the exactly movie. 🥵

All the itens will be well cared and loved. I want to try a fountain pen (my first FP is a Jinhao that didn’t write). I love flashlights, I use them everyday. I also love those square Casios. Finally, the leek will be a nice upgrade to my “gas station” pocket knife. Most important, it’s a gift from a very generous member of B&B. 🤩

PS. It’s very strange Twilight in a very tasteful list. I double checked 😁. But is understandable, everybody have a “guilty pleasure “🤣🤣🤣
Thanks for being understanding about twilight Hugo. The movie with the little girl in a hat is a Christmas movie called Miracle on 34th Street (1947) as you can see in the list. It's a great movie and the girl has a very small part in it but it is my favorite scene in the film.

I'm glad to know that the gear will be appreciated. I hope it serves you well. I will let you know when it is on the way.
Thanks for being a great champion of this contest @Hugo and thanks to @sjblon, @Heron and @WenC for playing too.
At this point I'm sure no one cares and probably no one even noticed but I made a mistake in the name of one of the movies in my list. Did anyone notice? #73 Should have been It's a Wonderful Life not It's a Beautiful Life. Sorry for the oversight. I do proof read all my posts but even then sometimes mistakes slip through.

Also, @hugosf, your package is in the mail. I just dropped it off at the post office. Estimated delivery is showing Sep 2. Anyway I'll PM the tracking number to you so you can keep a look out for it if you like.
@velocityboy the package arrived safe and sound today 🥳

Took some months to arrived. I don’t know what happened but the package took a trip to Uzbekistan before the package arrived here 🤪

Thanks a lot for the prizes 😆

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