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GIVEAWAY! Some modest EDC gear - How well do you know my favorite movies? PIF


I have put together a few items that might be well suited for EDC but you can of course use them as you like. They are all brand new and back in their original packaging after taking the photo.


I'm not good at photography and the lighting has made the watch look almost black but it is really this one here.
Casio W-218H-2AVCF.jpg

This is what you're playing for:

Casio W-218H-2AVCF watch
Kershaw Leek 1660 assisted open knife
Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 650 lumen flashlight
XTAR Ant MC1 Plus charger
14500 Lithium Ion cell
Pilot Metropolitan White Tiger fountain pen M nib
Zippo DE Blade lighter


How to play: Below is a pointless YouTube video I made way back in 2009. It contains screenshots from 201 of my favorite movies. All you have to do is make a list from 1 to 201 and name each movie in the order it appears in the video. Then send it to me via private message using the Start Conversation button that pops up when you hover your mouse above my user name or avatar. Please leave blank the spots for the movies you don't know. Your entry should look like this with a number then title, one entry per line please.

1. Movie A
2. Movie B
4.Movie W
7. Movie S

and so on up to 201.

Please be specific as possible. Some are part of trilogies or franchises so I need the actual movie title.

BTW the little red witch on the broom at the beginning is not part of the list.


After you have sent me your entry please post "entry sent" or something to that effect in this thread.

If anyone gets them all I will be extremely surprised. There are many easy ones but several not so easy and a few foreign ones that will be particularly challenging I'm sure. Whoever gets the most correct will win the prize. If there is a tie I will use some random way to choose the winner. This PIF is open to members with a Canadian or US mailing address. If you're outside of the US/CA but have a friend or family inside I can mail to then please feel free to enter. As always I ask that the goods not be sold for profit but sharing with others is fine. If you have any questions about any of the gear you can ask in this thread though google and YouTube will be good sources of info as well.

I plan to let this go until Aug 20 or so if there is enough interest. You are welcome to use help to find your answers short of any kind of magical screenshot recognition software. Is there such a thing yet?

Good luck to you all and I hope you can have some fun with this!

Just remember,
Thank you!

Hint for those who read to the end. This video was made in 2009 so there won't be any really recent titles on the list. Also, after the first few titles which start with numbers, most of the rest are at least loosely in alphabetical order.
Wow! Congrats & thank you on an original idea for a pif & making it quite entertaining as well. I watched the video & recognized many of them. Amazing how one second is enough to remember certain movies. Good luck to all entries!
Wow! Congrats & thank you on an original idea for a pif & making it quite entertaining as well. I watched the video & recognized many of them. Amazing how one second is enough to remember certain movies. Good luck to all entries!
Thank you sir! I realize this one might take longer than usual for entries to start coming in but I hope a lot of people will find it a fun challenge and give it a shot.
Just now seeing this. Nice PIF. I carried a Zippo for years even though I wasn't a smoker. It came in handy several times. I tried carrying a Leek, but it kept slipping out of my pocket, so I wound up giving it to my brother. Very nice knife though. Back when I wore watches Casio was my preferred watch. That's a well rounded EDC.
It's time to announce the winner. Thanks to everyone who put in an entry. I know it was a lot of work but I hope you all enjoyed the process a little bit. First let me show the full list of movies that were in the video.

1 25th Hour
2 2001 A Space Odyssey
3 2046
4 A Christmas Story
5 A Fish Called Wanda
6 About a Boy
7 About Schmitt
8 Adventureland
9 Aladdin
10 Aliens
11 Amadeus
12 Amelie
13 American Psycho
14 Annie Hall
15 Artificial Intelligence
16 Back to the Future
17 Before Sunrise
18 Before Sunset
19 Being John Malkovich
20 Ben Hur
21 Bend it Like Beckham
22 Big Fish
23 Blade Runner
24 American History X
25 Blazing Saddles
26 Braveheart
27 Breakfast at Tiffany's
28 Bridget Jones' Diary
29 Bull Durham
30 Caddyshack
31 Cars
32 Casino Royale
33 Chicken Run
34 Christmas Vacation
35 Dead Poets Society
36 Doc Hollywood
37 Doctor Zhivago
38 Doctor Strangelove
39 Dumb and Dumber
40 The Empire Strikes Back
41 Factory Girl
42 Falling Down
43 Fargo
44 Fight Club
45 Finding Nemo
46 Finding Neverland
47 Four Weddings and a Funeral
48 From Russia with Love
49 Galaxy Quest
50 Garden State
51 Ghost World
52 Gladiator
53 Go
54 Good Morning Vietnam
55 Grave of the Fireflies
56 Grosse Point Blank
57 Groundhog Day
58 Half Blood Prince
59 Henry V
60 High Infidelity
61 Highlander
62 High Noon
63 History of Violence
64 Hot Fuzz
65 House of Flying Daggers
66 Immortal Beloved
67 In the Mood For Love
68 In Bruges
69 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
70 Interview With a Vampire
71 Into the Wild
72 Intolerable Cruelty
73 It's a Beautiful Life
74 Jaws
75 Joe Vs the Volcano
76 Kill Bill
77 Kill Bill 2
78 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
79 LA Confidential
80 Lars and the Real Girl
81 Layer Cake
82 Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
83 Logan's Run
84 Lost in Space
85 Lost in Translation
86 Love Actually
87 Major League
88 Master and Commander
89 Mean Girls
90 Memoirs of a Geisha
91 Miller's Crossing
92 Miracle on 34th Street
93 Monsters Inc.
94 Monty Python and the Holy Grail
95 Mulholland Drive
96 Mumford
97 Munich
98 My Neighbor Totoro (Tonari no Totoro)
99 Mystery Train
100 Mystic River
101 Napoleon Dynamite
102 October Sky
103 Of Mice and Men
104 Office Space
105 Open Your Eyes (Abre Los Ojos)
106 Out of Sight
107 Peter Pan
108 Trains Planes and Automobiles
109 Planet of the Apes
110 Pirates of the Caribbean
111 Pride and Prejudice
112 Pulp Fiction
113 Raiders of the Lost Ark
114 Real Genius
115 The Remains of the Day
116 Reservoir Dogs
117 Rob Roy
118 Roman Holiday
119 Rounders
120 Run Lola Run
121 Rushmore
122 Saving Private Ryan
123 Schindler's List
124 Seven
125 Shall We Dance
126 Shallow Hal
127 Shattered Glass
128 Shop Girl
129 Shrek
130 Sideways
131 Signs
132 Sleepy Hollow
133 Sling Blade
134 Snatch
135 Spiderman 2
136 Spirited Away
137 Stand By Me
138 Star Wars
139 Revenge of the Sith
140 Stardust
141 Stir of Echoes
142 Superman
143 Thank You For Smoking
144 The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford
145 The Big Lebowski
146 The Bourne Identity
147 The Cider house Rules
148 The Cooler
149 The Corpse Bride
150 The Emperor's New Groove
151 The Fifth Element
152 For a Few Dollars More
153 The Green Mile
154 The Illusionist
155 The Iron Giant
156 The Italian Job
157 The Last Emperor
158 The Lives of Others
159 The Lost Boys
160 The Man in the Moon
161 The Others
162 The Patriot
163 The Point of No Return
164 The Prestige
165 The Princess Bride
166 The Road Home
167 The Shawshank Redemption
168 The Shining
169 The Silence of the Lambs
170 The Sixth Sense
171 The Station Agent
172 The Sting
173 The Usual Suspects
174 The Village
175 The Descent
176 The Incredibles
177 The Lion King
178 The Return of the King
179 The Little Mermaid
180 The Matador
181 The Matrix
182 Thirteen Days
183 Three Kings
184 Thunder Heart
185 To Kill a Mockingbird
186 To Live
187 Tombstone
188 Toy Story 2
189 Toy Story
190 Trading Places
191 Trainspotting
192 12 Monkeys
193 Twilight (How'd that get in there?)
194 Uncle Buck
195 Unforgiven
196 Up
197 Vacation
198 Vanilla Sky
200 Where the Heart Is
201 YiYi

I wasn't expecting anyone to get nearly as many as the winner did but he surprised me indeed.

With 185 correct answers the winner of this contest PIF is hugosf. Congratulations sir! You did so well that Darth Vadar himself wanted to say a few words to you.

In addition to his 185 exact matches hugosf had four more answers that were the right movie saga but not the exact movie so he only missed 12 outright.

So, hugosf, if you would kindly send me your mailing address and a phone number (required by customs if you are not in Canada), I will get your prize on its way to you as soon as possible.
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