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So... what do all of you fellas do in the "real world."

Just out of curiosity, what companies do you work for, what do you do, job titles, etc (as much as you are comfortable with)?

This being my final month or so of school, I am kinda curious what all fo you fellas do in the real world!
I "sell cars like candy bars" on the Internet for Larry H. Miller Honda, in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have one partner in my department, and we are almost always the top two salesmen in the store. Unfortunately, selling cars on the internet is mostly about price, so we move a lot of volume, but don't make the gross that other salespeople make. Howver, we are treated like managers in most respects, and are left alone "to do what we do best", which is move metal. Last year we sold over 500 cars, and our General Manager was invited by Honda to speak at one of their meetings about our department.

I'm an area sales manager for AT&T (the old SBC) yellow pages. I manage a sales crew of approx. 9 folks (give or take 1). We service basically all of the major metropolitan areas of Southeastern Michigan.
I'm a part-time graduate student and looking for a new job in the IT industry. Currently work at Paypal doing minor IT work.
I work in the town-hall of our little city as an administrative officer.
Processing of incoming mail, prepay outgoing mail and deliver it to the post office.


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