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Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Shane, Oct 12, 2006.

    I've heard a lot on here about how dangerous the Slant Bar can be. But my various ADs are mounting in strength, so I acquired one to see what it's all about. For one thing, the slicing motion the razor imparts is not only better for a close shave, but far nicer to my sensitive skin. I own a Gillette Long Handle Adjustable, a Gillette Fatboy and a Merkur HD, and the comfort level of the Slant Bar on my face blows them out of the water, at least for me. Does anyone else with sensitive skin love the Slant Bar?

  1. htownmmm

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    I believe you must be the first I have heard with sensitive skin who has endorsed the slant.

    Now my RAD is starting to itch.

  2. I had my first shave with a Slant this morning and was mightily impressed! Not a razor for the newbie, but this might become my new "go to" razor. I've used the HD, Progress, SS, Parker 90 DE's and up till now I love the Progress for the way I could "tune" it for my face. But the Slant seems to just "know what to do."
  3. I think the Slant would be fine for anyone who knows how to use a safety razor correctly.

    The Slant is great. Its the only razor I've found that can give me make my neck BBS w/o touchups.
  5. Alas, my Slant didn't arrive in today's mail as I had hoped. I certainly hope it comes tomorrow.

    I'm glad to read a positive comment regarding the Slant. The skin on my neck is sensitive. I look forward to seeing how the Slant performs.
  6. It is a 2 edged sword (no pun intended :001_tt2: ) in that YES - it IS the best razor for sensitive skin - especially with a combo of steel wool tough beard, with very sensitive skin, HOWEVER (and here is the big catch) it requires a skilled hand. If you do not use it properly, or are not farmiliar with DE's it'll cause a lot of damage.... or lord help you if you are using a new feather in it.

    With experience and practice however - yes.... it is THE best for individuals with sensitive skin.
  7. Ah... Power implies danger which requires skill which bestows prestige.

    I look forward to getting mine soon. I'm using Feather's in an HD now, and it does well. Still, from time to time I run a pass and wonder, "Why didn't you cut that?" I'm hoping my slant bar lives up to its reputation.

    Mantic seems pretty positive on doing a slant bar video. I'd really like to see one in action before putting myself on the chopping block.
  8. I'm real curious myself. Thursday morning I got the best shave yet with a DE. Much smoother on the neck and no irritation. So what did I do different? On my AG passes I used chevron strokes which I think achieves the "slicing" effect of a slant.

    I'm not totally convinced yet though. That shave was after a trre day hiatus of shaving; I had been ill and am just worthless when sick. it has been my experience that I can get much smoother shaves when imy beard has grown out, for several days, so I am going to keep working with the chevron passes and make a determination from there. If it ends up that the chevrons are doing the trick then I will spend a few more months with the HD, to further perfect technique, and then buy a Slant.
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    I made this mistake just a few hours ago. My first Slant shave with a new Feather. I'm amazed I have enough blood left to sit up. But on the other hand, this is the smoothest shave I've ever had. But regardless, I don't want a repeat of this shave.

    What kind of blades do you guys use in your Slant's? How about in your other razors? (for comparison)

    I use an IP in my HD and I don't think I'm quite up to Feather's in my Slant, so I'm looking for new blades to try. Thanks
  10. I tried my new Slant with a Feather this morning and got an excellent shave without irritation and only a single small nick on my chin. It's a great razor IMHO.
  11. htownmmm

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    :w00t: :lol: :lol: :lol: :biggrin:


  12. I get really good shaves with the Slant using Rene's Sharp Blades

  13. I am reviving this thread to profess my love for the Slant. You read the posts where people say they found the ONE soap/cream/brush/razor and are selling the others. Sure, yup, uh huh. I now see where they come from.

    The first couple shaves with the Slant were with a Derby. It was pretty good, but I did get a fair amount of pulling. I tried a Feather last night, and boy nelly was that an awesome shave. The feedback on the Slant is so good - with that exposed blade riding out there it is like half shaving with a DE/half shaving with a straight. You can just feel the blade cruizing along so reading the amount of pressure needed is a piece of cake, including on the sensitive neck area. I have not shaved with another razor since receiving my Slant last week and have no desire to for now. Of course, I am sure that is subject to change eventually...

  14. Dennis, my guess is that you have stock in Merkur and more specifically the Slant. Keep proselytizing my friend particularly when you believe in it so much. You got me interested! :biggrin:

    In the famous words of Ralph Cramden, "One of these days Alice, one of these days!"
  15. I'm pretty new to this DE lark but find the Slant to be a fantastic tool. I started on a Vision and decided to get a Slant and give it a go. Other than the Vision, I don't have anything to compare it to (the Vision is like the RangeRover of the DE world - heavy with padded leather seats, whilst the Slant is like a Lotus - light and sporty with loads of feedback, but if you stick it into the corner too quickly it'll bite you). I had a couple of minor scrapes with the Vision when I first started a few weeks back but haven't had any damage in the past couple of weeks. Today was my second shave with the Slant and I think I'm going to find it difficult to justify going back to the Vision.

    I think it's a combination of factors. The handle is short so I tend to hold it right underneath the head. I can feel exactly how much pressure is being put onto my face and adjust as necessary. I haven't tried any other blades than the Merkur blades supplied, but with so much blade exposed (especially at one end of the wedge/slant) I'd imagine that very thin blades might flex a little too much increasing the chance of nicks. Seeing so much blade exposed also helps to concentrate the mind on the task in hand :001_smile
  16. Joel,
    funny you mention Merkur slant arrived from Cotton Blossom(I think) Crafts today, and apparently as a bonus, they included an extra feather stainless blade. So this week I am in for not only my first slant bar shave, but my first shave of any form with a feather blade...
    I'm looking forwards to it. Currently I'm a big fan of Personna (I know some folks hate them, but not me) so I'm quite curious to see how well the Feather blade performs.
    John P.
  17. moses

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    Do you all find that you get better results with the slant than doing a slide with a regular DE? Or is it just that the Slant makes it a lot easier?

  18. By slide do you mean chevron cut? I have a tough time doing chevron cuts for some reason. Because the Slant is, well, slanted, it does the chevron for you. So yes, it does make it easier. So far with the Slant, I am done at 3 passes instead of my usual 4 with any other DE. I can just describe it best by saying you get alot of easy feedback from the razor. The blade just hangs out there with piles of exposure but it is really easy to feel the pressure and action of the blade. I have not even nicked myself with the Slant yet - if you can shave with a DE, you can shave with a Slant with no learning curve in my opinion.

  19. htownmmm

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    If that Feather blade was able to bounce around in the package, I would not use it-especially with the Slant.


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