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Shark Week - We're Gonna Need A Bigger Bowl

It’s Shark(o) Week!!!

Martin Arko Brody, Quinty Santa and Matt Arko Hooper set sail in a Captain’s Choice bowl to capture a giant white shark in a sea infested with Shark blades.

@Captain Pre-Capsize We're Gonna Need A Bigger Bowl !!!

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Razor: Gamechanger 84SB

Brush: Yaqi Sagrada Família

Soap: Arko

Blade: Shark Super Stainless (3)

Rating: 9/10

Shave #3 using the Shark Super Stainless.

I didn’t post the first two shaves. I receive a soap sample and I really mess up the lather. Terrible shaves, a lot of weepers, but 100% of the blame was the mediocre lather. So the third shave was with the trusty Arko.

The third shave was smooth and comfortable, except a tiny weeper on the chin. I put a extra pressure and got a weeper.

This blade is very sneaky, very smooth but can bite out of nowhere. Behaves like a shark 🤣



"Self appointed king of Arkoland"

Shave number two with the Shark Plat sent me by my werldwide amigos!

That blade did what I thought: second shave was great with the Shark, just had to strop that thing with my face, 10/10. I used Arko on half my face, and a bar of Brut bath soap on the other. Mixed them together right on my incredibly handsome face. I honestly could not smell anything but Arko, can you imagine that?!

The brush that @dmshaver gave me is actually smelling better! And the Titanium razor that was gifted me by @matwho was used for the second time. Better this time as well. Maybe better than the Brass one? Both like a nice damp, (not wet) slippery lather. Especially the brass. That one is a bit sticky. BBS, two pass shave. Efficient it is.
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