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GIVEAWAY! Challenge PIF - We're Gonna Need A Bigger Razor!!

The PIF Portion of the Challenge is CLOSED!

We're Gonna Need A Bigger Razor

Challenge PIF

They're Big!! They're Gray!! And They're Razor Sharp!! It's A Blade Frenzy pitting JAWS against SHARKS!! Are You Brave Enough To Load Up These Face Chomping Maniacs!! And It's Just In Time For SHARK WEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKK!!!! (Actually these are very nice blades with really cool Shark Themes!!)

We have a Challenge PIF introducing JAWS Platinum Blades from Malaysia versus Shark Blades from Egypt!!


@AnimalCatcher has contributed 100 Shark Platinum Blades and 100 Shark Super Stainless Steel Blades and @Chard52142 has contributed 100 JAWS Platinum Blades!! WHAT!! JAWS Platinum Blades?!? In addition to these quality blades, @AnimalCatcher has included some awesome Shark themed swag to help set the mood for Shark Week!! We have Shark Stamps and Shark Stickers, and 3 excellent Shark prizes for some Lucky Survivors - one of Batman's(tm) Shark Repellant, a Nautical Monoscope filled with Aftershave (sealed), and a vintage MAD Magazine commemorating the Original Jaws Event!!


Shark Week 2022 is coming up (July 24 - 31), and we want everyone to be ready to get back into the water!! @BigJ has started the B&B Annual Shark Week Thread. We wanted to have some fun, build some excitement, and try a new blade!! A JAWS Blade!!

What's Included In The Challenge PIF???

Participants will be able to customize your PIF Packages
!! We want as many as are Brave Enough to sign up!!
  • Up to 3 JAWS Blades
  • Up to 3 Shark Platinum Blades
  • Up to 3 Shark Super Stainless Blades
  • For a Total of up to 9 Shark Themed Double Edge Razor Blades!!!

In addition to the Blades:
  • A couple of Shark Stickers
  • A Shark Stamp - these are actual USPS 1st Class Forever Stamps, so I could use them on your envelope or put them inside your envelope - your choice. (For International Participants - non-CONUS - I will put them inside)

But Wait, Don't Leave Just Yet:
We will have an AFTER THE CHALLENGE PIF - PIF!! Everyone who participates in this Challenge PIF will be put into a random drawing and 3 Lucky Survivors will be able to choose from the Super Awesome Shark Prizes shown below - 1st place gets 1st choice, 2nd place choses next, and 3rd place gets the remaining prize.​


This Challenge PIF and prizes are open to any and all (International and CONUS B&B'ers)!!

Please note, if you're participating in the 2022 shave Purchase Sabbatical - Shave Trek Season 2, you may request up to 3 Blades and remain in the Shave Sabbatical.

There are certain rules that apply:
  • You must have 10 quality posts (if you don't have 10, get posting!!)
  • You're willing to post at least 1 POST in THIS Thread AND 1 Post in @BigJ's Shark Week 2022 Thread
  • Have great fun trying the JAWS Platinum Blades And the Shark Platinum and Super Stainless Blades

How to sign up for this Participation PIF?
  • Post "I'm In" or "We're Gonna Need A Bigger Razor!!" or "SHARK WEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKK!!!!"
  • Don't wait, immediately after posting your intention to Participate, send a PM to me with:
  • . Your Name
  • . Complete Mailing Address (I'm in the US, so if you're international, please include your Country with your mailing address)
  • . How many of Each Blade you would like (up to 9 Blades)
  • . And how you would like the Shark Postage Stamp (inside as a collector's item, or as actual postage to get the Postage Mark)

The PIF Phase will begin NOW and run until I run out of blades or requests stop coming in.

The Challenge Phase begins whenever you receive your lot of JAWS and Shark Blades!! Please remember to let me know when you've received the Blades (either in this thread or as a PM to me).
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I'm back!!!! My Participation PIF Kai still shaves on (once in a while) but I wanna get in the shark infested waters!

I just bought two MORE actual vintage DE razors (New Improved Tuckaway and an Aristocrat) so I am ready to lock and load!
Whoa, @Chard52142 !! Nice PIFing with the JAWS blades.

I am going to try to pry my RazoRock JAWS 84 OC back out of my son's clutches. It will deliver an excellent Malaysian/Canadian Jaws-on-Jaws synergy shave.
Thanks! Great choice pairing a JAWS blade with the JAWS razor...there will be blood in the water!

I have long been waiting for a JAWS plate...waited too long so now find myself deep into the SR route😆😆
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