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Eighth shave with the Sharp Jaws Platinum blade #2

: Fatip Lo Storto Originale (aka FOCS)
Brush: The Shave Factory/Omega Pro 49 (27mm Unbleached Boar)
Soap: Vitos Classic Eucalyptus and Lanolin

The great performances continue!

It has become obvious that the FOCS is an excellent match for the Jaws Platinum. Throughout this Challenge, every outing has been quick and trouble-free.

Today's shave was no exception as my three main passes went by without issue and I was left with a DFS. I could have stopped there, but a few buffing strokes around the Adam's apple and along my jawlines brought me to another easy BBS.

Now, the focus is on longevity. The previous Jaws blade's performance was flawless until it suddenly dropped off a cliff after only six shaves. However, after eight shaves, this current blade continues to perform at a high level. It doesn't appear to be slowing down, so I'm hoping to get many more uses out of it.
Up to shave 4 with the Jaws in the FOCS, Sunday and today

I am being very careful rinsing then shaking water off the Jaws

Fifteenth shave with the Shark Super Stainless blade #1

: Fatip Lo Storto Originale (aka FOCS)
Brush: Fine Accoutrements Classic (20mm Angel Hair)
Soap: Proraso Red (Sandalwood) Shaving Cream

The Shark Super Stainless has finally departed for the Happy Shaving Grounds. :angel:

After fifteen shaves that ran the gamut from silky smooth to broken-glass jagged, I'm finally retiring this blade. Today's outing was the clincher as the performance dropped sharply again.

Partway through the WTG pass, the Shark SS began to tug moderately. It worsened as I went on, culminating in the blade almost coming to a complete stop while trying to drag it across my face on the XTG pass. I switched to extremely short choppy strokes and finished my main passes and used the same technique to buff under my chin and around my Adam's apple.

In the end, despite the unorthodox method, I actually managed to achieve a BBS. However, it's not like I'm able (or want) to shave like this going forward, so this is the end of the road for the Shark SS.

Due to its inconsistent nature, I'm ranking it third behind the Jaws Platinum (in first) and the Shark Platinum (in second).

I suppose that wraps up my part in this Challenge. Therefore, I want to express my thanks to @AnimalCatcher, @Chard52142, and @Grundi for their incredible generosity in supplying the test blades and for their selfless efforts in organizing this Challenge. These fine gentlemen exemplify the spirit of unselfish giving that Badger and Blade should stand for. 😍

Also, kudos to all of the members who contributed a review for this Challenge. It was both fun and educational to read the wide range of opinions of the test blades. :thumbup1:
Jaws #1, shave #4

Razor: Pre-war Gillette Tech
Cream: Palmolive Classic
Brush: A generic badger (I think) off of Amazon that I really like
Aftershave: Aqua Velva Ice Blue

This blade isn't my favorite, but it paired very well with my Tech. While it was slightly tuggy in the Tech, the end result is quite good. Once again, razor-blade pairing seem to make a difference. The Jaws blade feels significantly different in the Tech vs. the Henson, and I'm glad that I tried that pairing before giving up on it. Again, it's not something that I would go out and buy, but I ended with a very nice shave today.
I haven't really been keeping a good count, but this Shark Stainless just wasn't great for me. I think it went 4 or 5 shaves. The last one was mediocre and I could only use one edge of the blade - the better edge. And it still felt rough.

On to the next: Jaws blade, but I haven't decided on a razor yet.
JAWS ● Shave #2


The blade is doing a good job. I dialed down the setting of the Konsul for today's shave, I was in the mood for some smoothness. The combo delivered. Beautiful performance, no nicks or other blemishes. DFS +.

The JAWS seem to be a medium sharp blade, I hope she'll keep up this performance for a couple of more shaves.

Onward to shave #3.
Enjoy your Sunday, y'all!
6th shave with Shark stainless steel

Razor: Razorock Mission
Brush: Razorock plisoft synthetic (bruce handle)
Soap: Art of Shaving peppermint

Another good shave with a mild shark. These are great in a slightly aggressive razor. I bought a Razorock Mission couple years ago and found it slightly more aggressive than my Merkur 34C. At that time, it didn't dawn on me to test some mild blades in it until now. After trying the Shark, I'm also giving other mild blades a shot, such as Voskhod and Derby Extra.
JAWS ● Shave #5


Today's been an Ok sort of shave. The shave lacked some comfort, it appears the blade sharpness has significantly faded after five shaves. Or perhaps I have to blame the combo of blade and Sheraton only, which didn't work out. Not sure. All I know is the Sheraton requires a sharp blade on my face to experience a satisfying shave...

Anyway, I managed to complete the shave without irritation. Hence I perhaps might try a sixth shave with another razor. For science 😉

Onward to shave #6.
Happy shaves!
I've had two shaves with Jaws #2. I decided to go with a Ming Shi Futur clone. One with Derby Normal, one with Sharko stick.

I usually really like this razor. Shave #1 was pretty good. Not a lot to complain about, but nothing special.

Shave #2 I think I got a little aggressive. Had two nicks, but I was really feeling irritation mid-afternoon when I was sweating a lot at work.
Hope it's ok to resurrect this, I was late to the party due to vacation and never got to the Shark Super Stainless while this thread was in its prime, but I'm getting to it now.


Shark SS, shave 1
Henson AL13 medium
brand new @apshaveco 24mm G5C with night sky rocket engine handle
Southern Witchcraft Samhain soap & splash samples
Blade sensitive balm

I’ve used Shark SS previously in the sampler I bought shortly after switching to a DE, and it comes in as my #3 ranked blade. Today it was challenged with 3 days growth. Probably partly due to my extra day of stubble, and partly due to this not being the sharpest blade in the drawer, the first pass was quite tuggy, and I noted a tiny spot of blood on my mustache. Second pass was much less tuggy, but I got a weeper on my mustache, another on my neck, and about 2-3 more tiny spots. Checking an hour later, I'm a bit disappointed - still DFS+, but barely, with stubble remaining ATG in my jawlines and especially neck (the usual trouble spots). Still pretty good, but I expected more. Little to no irritation at least.

Side note, this was my second shave with my G5C brush. Besides loving the looks of the night sky handle and rocket engine shape, the knot is really nice too. It's maybe slightly less soft than my PAA brush, but it's clearly denser, has a bit more backbone and it's still plenty soft and splays nicely.

🦈 Result: DFS+ (7/10)
🩸 Facial wounds: 2 weepers (mustache, neck) plus a few tiny spots; all closed by final rinse
🦵🏻 Limbs eaten by sea creatures: 0

Shark SS, shave 2
Henson AL13 medium
Nancy Boy blossomwood balm

Quick shave afternoon. Still pulled quite a bit, maybe not quite as bad as Thursday. Got a weeper on my mustache, a random one just above my right jawline, then a couple tiny ones cleaning up the upper lip corner. Almost no alum feedback or irritation though.

Actually a closer shave than Thursday despite spending much less time on it. Jawlines could have used more attention, but my neck is better, left side is pretty much BBS.

🦈 Result: DFS+ (8.5/10)
🩸 Facial wounds: 2 weepers (mustache, jawline), a couple more tiny spots, none lasting
🦵🏻 Limbs severed by fish with sharp pointy teeth: 0
I haven't been shaving as often here lately, so I'm still catching up and trying out the blades.

I had my 3rd and 4th Jaws shave in a Futur clone here in the last couple days. I can really get along with this blade. Felt great with no irritation. For being an unknown brand I am liking it. Where do they sell them?
I haven't been shaving as often here lately, so I'm still catching up and trying out the blades.

I had my 3rd and 4th Jaws shave in a Futur clone here in the last couple days. I can really get along with this blade. Felt great with no irritation. For being an unknown brand I am liking it. Where do they sell them?
I would like to know that as well.! I want to buy a 100 pack.:thumbup1:

Shark SS, shave 3
Henson AL13 medium
AP Shave 24mm G5C
Proraso green soap
Blade sensitive balm

This really isn’t a very sharp blade. I’ve liked it in the past because I got a lot less weepers than with some sharper blades, but the past 3 shaves are reminding me of the importance of beard reduction. It's just nor very efficient (or comfortable) to attack tough areas like my chin south to north straight away. I miss so much, I have to go over the area as much or even more than if I’d just started with a simple east-west pass. This blade gets 1 more run on Wednesday, I'll see if that improves things.

Anyway, it took awhile, but I did get a great, close shave. Small misses on my left jawline and center of Adam’s apple, but that’s mostly it. And very little alum feedback or irritation, too. I do like this blade, just need to treat it differently than some of the sharper ones.

🦈 Result: BBS- (9/10)
🩸 Facial wounds: 2 weepers (mustache corner and chin, neither lasted past cold rinse)
🦵🏻 Limbs devoured: 0

Shark SS, shave 4
Henson AL13 medium
PAA Starcraft
Mama Bear dragon’s blood stick
Blade sensitive balm

Final shave with the Super Stainless required a lot of buffing and therefore took entirely too long. I still managed only 3 tiny weepers - tried too hard to get my soul patch and mustache BBS I guess. Only alum feedback was the left side of my neck though, where the lower jawline was the most stubborn and I'm feeling some irritation now. Nice close shave though, no real missed areas, just several random spots where I can still feel just a few whiskers ATG.

🦈 Result: BBS- (9.5/10)
🩸 Facial wounds: 3 weepers (2 soul patch, 1 mustache, all tiny, all gone before final rinse)
🦵🏻 Limbs bitten off and chomped to bits by big hungry fish: 0

That's 1 of each blade completed. I'd rank them Jaws > Shark SP > Shark SS, which is the reverse of what I expected coming in, given my previous experience with Shark SS and a different Sharp blade. However, the Shark SC that I used during the actual Shark Week beat all 3. Best of all though, no sharks bit off a single leg or arm (or even a toe) during the course of this dangerous Challenge!

Thank you @Chard52142, @AnimalCatcher, and @Grundi for the blades and stickers!
Razor: Gamechanger 84SB

Brush: Simpson Trafalgar T3

Soap: B&M Passiflora

Blade: Shark Platinum (3)

Bowl: Captain’s Choice Heavyweight Copper

Nice shave using the Shark Platinum. This blade gets better after the first shave, super smooth after the first shave. So far I like the Shark SS more, although both blade are very good.

Passiflora is my favorite scent so far, it’s intoxicating 😍

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