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Semogue silvertip

This may be sacrilege for Semogue boar fans, but my Semogue 1250 never quite did it for me, though I loved the handle. So I removed the knot, retaining the aluminum ring, which was no small challenge, because the ring is the top of the cup that holds the boar knot. I glued in a TGN 18mm silvertip Grade A knot. The loft is set at 46mm. Yes, I could have bought a Semogue badger, but I really like the TGN Grade A knots. I'm happy with the result and am going to try this tomorrow.


$Semogue Badger.jpg
Good looking brush, but how come you put a 18mm knot into a 22mm hole?

First of all, I like small knots; 18mm just seems ideal for me. Also, the glue in the TGN knot went up a fair bit higher than the plug (or whatever it's called) and had spread out a bit, so the effective diameter of the knot, when set at 46mm, was 22mm. It was a loose fit at the bottom but a tight fit at the aluminum ring.

Used it this morning... fabulous!

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