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Quick shave story

I came home on leave last week and my friend who also wetshaved decided to compare notes and kits. He game my Merkur 33c a try and I made a pass with his strait and finished up with a feather loaded Merkur slant using dagger cream(very nice scent btw) and tried out his C&E nomad ASB(also very nice stuff) by the end of the evening we worked out he really liked my 33c and I liked his slant so he now is the proud owner of a 33c and I have a new slant and Millard TTO. Nothing like spending time with friends playing video games, watching movies, swapping stories, and ending on a good shave. :001_smile
just finished up with the 33C again. just as nice as the other day. have fun with the slant not complaining about sporting the shave without that mole though >.> you know it will happen eventually.
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