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GIVEAWAY! PIF - Dollar Tree Razor Challenge

From what I see it's a R41 in Super Blue clothing. Good luck.


I already have a couple, so I'm respectfully, not in.

Bumping this PIF to try and get a few more participants.

C'mon guys, the razor is not dangerous. If you want to know if your technique is good or bad, this razor will let you know either way!
One more bump to try and drum up some more interest. I'll spin the wheel in the morning and post the result!
Where's the Great @Owen Bawn when we needs his help in cleaning and edge-i-mi-katin' the great washed masses?!
Please pardon my ignorance. As one of the newbies here and evidently a member of the great un-washed masses, I decided to “Google” Arko. Now I get it. Arko is a used car lot in Ohio and they have online sales. I’m going there for my next car! Thanks Y’all!

Curly Out.
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