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Pictures from Maggard's Trade Show

Here is The Captain himself doing his best to convince a visitor that he will have a better chance at winning the lottery with the right aftershave on. Bad lighting makes the hair on The Captain appear to be gray for some reason, ahem...:001_rolle

Check out the other post with more pictures of the event here: Haul from the Maggard Meet



What kind of EDC you got there?

I was in Chicago the week before. Sucks I couldn’t have planned my trip for the week of, or stayed another week. It’s not that far away from where I was.
Have had it for years now - a Doug Ritter design manufactured by Benchmade. This is some kind of record, me highjacking my own thread, eh? :001_smile

IMG_0476.jpeg IMG_0475.jpeg
Maggard posted a bunch of pictures on their Facebook page. Looks like it was a great time.

I see all those nice looking ceramic mugs on your table cap...