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Maggard Trade Show 2023 - pictures

After a hiatus during covid, the annual Maggard trade show is back. It took place last week on Saturday afternoon. Vendors were able to set up their tables on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Then the gates were thrown open at 12:00 and it was a flurry of guys and some (reluctant?) ladies. We have been fortunate enough to be invited for several years and it is actually pretty cool, the vibe among vendors. Does not occur to anyone there is competition going on - it is more like a vendor reunion each year. Lots of hand shaking, back slapping - a good time.

The event takes place in the large room upstairs in the historic building that houses Maggard Razors. A big open room with about eighteen vendors and 200 paying customers. Vendors right by us were Henri et Victoria, Catie's Bubbles, Sterling Soaps, Timeless Razor, Chiseled Face. Others in attendance that come to mind were Zingari Man, Through the Fire, Karve, Eleven Shaving, Rockwell and probably a half a dozen others. Each customer gets a goodie bag and they get freebies at each table they visit. There is also a pool table loaded with product donated by Maggard and each vendor donates product for the pool table. It is the PIF table - drop some items there / take some other items. When the event was all over the table was still loaded down with product. Guys were leaving more than they were taking - that says a lot.

These two pictures are taken from a corner at the front of the store. So the front of the store is the wall of windows at extreme left of the picture. The second picture picks up from the middle of the room on around to the right side of the room.

Somewhat of a tour as I can pick them out... That is Rod of Sterling Soap right in the middle with (naturally!) the bright green shirt on. Mandy who is his wife and co-owner is right next to him. Bottom left corner is Karve with the lumber jack colored covering. Next to them is Shannon's Soaps and that is her there in the black dress.

Second picture toward the left side is a fellow in blue shirt with goatee - he owns Through the Fire and that is his wife, left of him. To his right is a bearded fellow in blue shirt, that is the owner of Chiseled Face. The upper right quarter of the picture show a mob of guys all clustered around... you guessed it - The Pool Table. Grabbing and leaving stuff, come one come all.

Third picture show some hapless vendor trying to convince a young lady why she should do a three pass shave on her face... uh, waitaminute - tell me he didn't actually say that. That is Rod with Sterling with his back to the camera and you can just see his wife Mandy there. The Through the Fire couple is on the left hand side with backs to the camera.



Super cool!! Thank you for sharing these Scott! Looks like it was a great turnout! One of these years I’ll have to make it down for that. If nothing else, just to shake your hand in person and say hello and thank you for all you do for us here!

I trust you had a great time! 😃🤙
The Maggard's Meetup is something I look forward to and have missed the last few years. I only live an hour away so I've been to many of these. It's great to see that Brad puts forth so much effort to host this and so many vendors come out for this event.

This year was packed again. I got there about 12:30, got my bag, browsed the store a bit and dropped off a few things at the PIF table. The table was crowded and I had to nudge my way in. An hour later it wasn't so bad, but there still a lot of product available. I took a couple of pics. In this one you can see Mantic59 in the background. Overall it was another great event.

PXL_20230603_172536638 (1).jpg


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I'm about 1.5 hours north.... I hope to be there next year, selling Otto Graffed sticks of Arko.

Should be able to sell enough to pay for gasoline doggone!

Thanks for posting this Cappy! I was recovering from my "Grand Canyon Etc Trip" this past weekend. Looks like I missed a great time.


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Awesome post. I need to go at some point. I’ve been to a few shave meetups like this one in the Northeast, but this one is looking pretty cool. Some day.
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