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Pashana After shave splash

I picked up Pashana about a month ago now & liked it right away. But I would have to say recently I find myself reaching for it more and more. I almost have to force myself to reach for others just to be sure I'm using the many, many, many aftershaves I have. :eek: For those unfamiliar, its a blend of patchouli, sandalwood, cedarwood & rosemary. Nice warm scent, the kind the wife likes to cozy up to. I guess I'm saying Pashana, for me = win!



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I've got a bottle in the basement waiting for its turn. (I have a lot of bottles like that. :blink:)

I have the hair tonic, and love the scent in the finest Edwardian Barbershop tradition. If the splash is the same, I have a winner! (My bottle has a different lable and the splash is basically red, not orange. :huh:)

I Hate it more then anything else, more then Aqua di gio, more then skin bracer, more then anything ever.

The worst thing since unsliced bread. :wink:

I still have some Pashana cologne left, and use it in the rotation until finished. I do not have the Pashana after shave, however. I assume the two are somewhat different.

The cologne goes on with a heavy alcohol fragrance and then settles down to a pleasant smell. I had planned not to replenish my cologne supply of it, but now I am curious to try the aftershave.

Thank you for the suggestion.


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