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Participation PIF - A Very Mysteree-X Shave

Mysteree blade #3 - shave #1

As some might recall @Alum Ladd and I recently exchanged blades. My remaining Personna X-series for his Schick Super Stainless Steel. Along with this traded blades Alum ladd included some more mysteree blades for me to try out.

Today, I used one of these additional mysteree blades. A modern Wizamet Super Iridium Extra Stainless - that's a blade which I had never used before.

I went all in and loaded this blade into my most aggressive razor, the Stirling Soap Company Stainless Steel razor, matched with the Hyper Aggressive plate. I can tell you, this naming is not an exaggeration. Jeez.

I really slowed down, rode the cap and had a quite smooth shave, I mean, well, at least in terms of... 😉

The blade contributed to taming this beast, I did not rip off the top layer of my skin, lol. In fact, no cuts, no weepers. She really did a good job.

Looking forward to using the blade in a more gentle razor. Well, it appears I just have to pick a different razor to reach this goal. :lol:

Thank you again @Alum Ladd for your generosity!

Happy shaves!
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MIsteree X #12
Head shave
Razor: Aristocrat Super
AS Prorasso Red
AB Nivea

This was a 2 pass shave, there were no issues, I think the blade was less sharp today....bit of a dragging action (I think last head shave I used a new blade so this one felt subpar). Will probably try this one in a different razor.
All in all a good head shave.
Misteree x #13
Half head half face
Karve Overland
Noxema pre shave
Yaqi 26mm
Medicated witch
AS Skin Bracer
AB Nivea

Head: Half head 2+ pases, no drama, the other half was w the RR LupoDC Swedish Sword blade; the Swedish is closer but with more irritation

Face: 2+ passes, no drama but it really left stubbly equivalent to 10hrs....and I did not want to keep going. I will blame the Overlander, only used 2 times before, it was a strange angle for me.... Other half face RR Hawk OC w feather super....this was a very close shave but irritating one.....

It's weird having burning in half face and half skull......will try the misteree x in a normal razor for me next
Sat 18 Mysteree-X Blade#1 Shave#25😅😅Speechless...
Soap The Goodfellas Smile Italian Orange
Brush Yaqi 26mm Orange Black
Razor Gillette Single Ring
Blade Persona X Series 25th Use
Aftershaves Stirling Witchhazel Orange Chill + TGS Orange Empire
Forgotten how good is this soap. The scent is very good in smell and strength...and the lather...wow, thickly creamy and very slick...excellent!!
Today's shave with my oldest DE razor (which can be cranky) paired with this well-used blade was exceptional! Seems like they are made for each other! 3 super nice, smooth, and efficient passes without any issues for a bbs finish. The blade is just amazing...able to be paired with quite a number of razors easily and still has no signs of giving up...let's see how far it can go...The aftershaves were fantastic...
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mysteree X #14

I did half a head shave
Karve alum D bar
Yaqi S Fam
AS Proraso Red
AB Speick

2+ pass, no issues, BUT on the other side I had to use a Gillette Platinum (just got them today....from Bay.....just to make sure I wasn't duped) ; the sharpness in that Gillette was significant..... Again the side shaved w MystereeX is not as close as the competition. but this blade keeps on shaving...... OK I'll try either R41 o Lupo 95.
MistereeX #15 (record broker) for me.
Head and half face
Razor Merkur 45
MDA Argumes (new for me.....like the smell)
AS Speick
AB Speick
Head: 2 passes, no drama, DFS.

Face with the grain Ok, against was painful and had to abort and do it cross (I have been shaving every day so the face is a bit sensitive), this razor isn't sharp enough for against the grain in my face.....it choked then skipped and was not pleasant. One weeper. I did agains and the other half w a RR Lupo DC blade Swedish Sword Israel (sharp and smooth 3rd use).

This was probably my last shave w this blade, might out of curiosity do a quick Leaf 2 1/2 blade face....just maybe....

Thanks again to Mikey for providing these blades and to Grundi for organizing it. Great experience. Someone mentioned, this is similar to Crystal.....he might be right.....an excellent blade.
Shave 16 mistereex
AS Speick
AB T Joes antioxidant

Face shave, firs pass w the grain.....was NOT smooth a lot of pulling.....but I finished it.

I then loaded a Gillette SP (just used before for a head shave, these are new from the Bay). Smooth.

Result: good shave no issues, close, some irritation (no idea if it was the Misteree or both). But the mistereex is dead for me now....

Maybe will credit 15 and 16 (both half shaves as one)=15; still record for me......but the last 2 outings were BAD.

All in all an excellent blade, average sharpness but longevity and smooth (till the last 2). THANKS for allowing me to participate in this PIF
Thu 24 Mysteree-X Blade#1 Shave#26!!!
Stirling Margaritas in the Arctic
Brush Yaqi 24mm Silvertip
Razor Fatip OC Slant
Blade Personna X Series 26th Use
Aftershave Stirling Margaritas in the Arctic Splash
A good soap with an intoxicating lovely scent and a creamy slick lather...
Another good shave with the well-used blade paired with the razor. 3passes without any issues for a dfs result. Amazing blade! The matching aftershave is really wonderful..intoxicating and cooling!
Mysteree blade #3, shave 5

I had a decent shave today, but the overall experience wasn't an overly smooth one. The combo of the very blade forwarded Fatip Grande OC (I used the Mk1 variant) and the "beginning to fade" Wizamet SI Extra Stainless (5) was not an optimal pairing (the shave experience would have been better with a fresh blade). The result, however, was flawless. 2 passes, some touch-ups. Almost BBS.

Blade #3 has been retired after this shave. Thanks again, my friend! @Alum Ladd
Thu 14 Mysteree-X Blade#1 Shave#27 - Speechless
Wholly Kaw Pomplemo
Brush Yaqi 26mm Orange Black Synthetic
Razor Karve Brass OC-D
Blade Personna X Series 27th Use
Aftershave Yaqi PinaColada Chillers Splash...
The soap's scent is light but the lather is richly creamy and slick...awesome!
It's amazing how this well-used blade is still performing great. Paired with the excellent razor & base plate, the 3pass shave was very smooth and efficient resulting in a bbs/dfs finish. The aftershave is absolutely frigid and smells marvelous!
Mysteree-X Blade Shave#1
Proraso shaving soap (white)
Brush Stirling 24mm badger
Razor Yaqi the Final Cut
Blade Personna

Thanks to @kaufdrop27 and @Grundi[/USER] that I'm able to participate.

The soap was creamy and light making the shave somewhat smooth, as I try to make the best adjustment with my first shave with the razor. One pass wtg and atg, it was bbs.


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Mysteree-X Blade Shave #2
Proraso shaving soap (white)
Brush Stirling 24mm badger
Razor Yaqi the Final Cut
Blade Personna

This time, I wiped a light lather because last time was sticking a bit. It was a success. Slow shave and smooth. Lather rinsed right off. 2 passes and bbs.
Are there any blades left? I'm super curious any clandestine blade makers, out of production and mysterious stuff in general. If there's more, I'm in.
Are there any blades left? I'm super curious any clandestine blade makers, out of production and mysterious stuff in general. If there's more, I'm in.
I don't have anymore of the Mysteree-X Blades (Personna-X); however, due to @mikey's generous blade donations for this PIF, I do have blades from the Other Mystery Blades box that I can send to you!! Send me a PM to confirm.
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