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Free Razor Blades - March Newbie Blade PIF

Welcome new members!! Want some free razor blades?

I will be picking a new member to PIF (Pay It Forward) a double edge razor blade sample pack.

For this PIF the rules are simple - Just post in this thread "I'm in".

This PIF is open to all new members who have registered on B & B in the past 12 months. New members worldwide are eligible.

The winner will receive a selection of 20 different blades from B & B’s very own
Great Blade Exchange

I'll pick a winner in a week, or so.
Good luck!

If you have blades you would like to donate to the Great Blade Exchange, please PM me.
New member here. I am in.

New to B & B and pretty new to DE shaving. Now have about three razors in my collection. But, my prize is a birth year 1951 Gillette Slim. Have tried out Feather and Nacet blades. No blood letting so far but some great shaves. Quickly figured out that DE shaving requires next to no pressure compared to multi blade cartridges. Kinda figured that out on my own.

Have learned alot from watching Geofatboy videos and from Matt's videos at razoremporium.
I'm in. This is so nice, what a great community group on here. Thanks for doing this! I am one month into DE shaving and joined the B&B community a couple weeks ago and upgraded my membership this past week because it's totally worth all the valubale information. Thank you again.
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