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October 2021 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)

Still in.
Today's shave I wedged between some work meetings, I'm still living the work from home dream.

Thiers Issard 6/8 feston spine
SV Tundra Artica 4.1 soap and aftershave
Simpson's Chubby 3 Manchurian

The razor edge was a bit dull/harsh but I got through it, I'll need to spend some time improving it.

I'm still waiting on some deliveries from orders placed last month. The parcel delivery system in Australia is so terribly slow these days, it's a strong deterent to engage in online shopping and conducive to restraint.
I'm still here, and had a challenging morning. My shave was (strangely) in the afternoon today and really helped re-base me. If y'all are like me, the daily shave is a ritual I savor, and the choice of scent is a particularly big decision, as I'm something of a super-smeller and associate scents with times, places, people, and ideas.

Therefore, to combat the morning blues:

Pre-shave: Stirling Unscented facial soap
Brush: Stirling Two band B&W synthetic
Razor: Merkur 34C
Blade: Astra SP (1)
Lather: Zingari Man "The Explorer" (Sego base)
Aftershave: Cold water + alum, Black Ship Grooming Wassail Aftershave splash

My first use of Wassail, as I wanted to continue to try Holiday themed scents. One alcohol + WH + Aloe splash is much like another in terms of efficacy (at least, that's my experience thus far), so I'm all about the olfactory experience, and I was floored by this one. Citrus, apple cider, wine, holiday spices, incredible!
Still in. Caught myself looking at the latest releases on a shave shop today out of habit, closed the page right away and nothing added to the cart :thumbup1:. Had a fantastic shave today, very close and smooth, so that helps keep away any urges.

Razor: Blackland Vector Titanium
Blade: Kai Captain Titan Mild (2)
Brush: Grizzly Bay Empress / 26mm V10 Fanchurian (Bulb)
Bowl: Captain’s Choice Copper Lather Bowl (Heavyweight)
Soap: Murphy and McNeil Barbershop De Los Muertos (Kodiak)
Aftershave: Murphy and McNeil Barbershop De Los Muertos Splash

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Still in.

I've been busy sorting out the rotation, giving the extended soaking session to the Boar brushes and using Feather Artist Club Kamisori style SE razor.

There haven't been any post with it recently because I'm still not happy with my handling of the Kamisori. There is always an area or two where I 'cheat' and do an ATG pass because going WTG is a bit difficult.

I hope this will be sorted out by next few shaves.

On similar note, my Lupo 95 have found the new owner.

I like to keep the rotation as tight as possible and with Game Changer 84 Open Comb, BBS Standard + AS plate and Wunderbar razors, it wasn't getting any special attention.

This was a very good experience for me and I hope the new owner also enjoys the razor.

Still in.

Finished the last soap so it's a new shave stick. First face lather in a long while, turned out a little thin but still shaved/cushioned very nice. Not sure if it's because its a nice soap, or if that's just shave sticks in general. Kept the cap off to dry the stick. I might just leave it off, period. I will say the plastic tube is better to use than the paper wrap on some shave sticks.

Not sure what "Arlington" is supposed to smell like, but to me this smelled like lavender/tea.
Still in

Pre-Shave: hot water splash
Lather: TOBS Sandalwood
Brush: Wilkinson sword classic
Razor: 1950s Gillette Flare tip Rocket
Blade: Wilkinson sword classic (1)
Post-shave: Cold water, alum block and Fuar Ach Snog

I just had an enjoyable 3-pass bbs shave with my Rocket, I really ought to shave with this razor more often as It is a joy to shave with.
Still in

Prep : warm shower / Bulldog original face wash
Pre shave : Proraso green
Brush : Proraso boar by Omega
Cream : Proraso Shaving Soap Sensitive Skin Jar
Razor : DSC black rubbery handle
Blade : DSC cart two many blade to count on 1 hand(0)
Post : alum block , Nivea cooling balm , Gold bond powder

Been meaning to try to shave again with a cart for a few month and decided to go for it this morning. I treated that thing the same I did with my DE , light to no pressure, sub par quality and a few irritation still. Just in case I needed to remember what a buggy blade is, boy I was disappointed … I’ll give it another 2 shave to close the week.
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