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NRD - 1950s Gillette Flair Tip Super Speed

:clap: It's here! It's here! :clap:

Or, at least it is to me. I assume that according to the forum rules I'm familiar with everywhere, "No pics, no razor"

So I'll be posting 'em tonight when I'm home instead of at work browsing B&B.

Ordered the razor from Razor Emporium 22-Feb in the evening (I'm sure after their work-day was over) and received the box at my office Monday.

Ordered from Classic Shaving were most of the accoutrements:
  • Wood bowl for soap
  • Vulfix #2198 (22mm) PBB
  • Sandalwood "Classic Brand" soap puck
  • Brush stand (nothing fancy)
  • Pinaud Clubman (Original)

Things I was too dumb to remember to order at the time (but since have)
  • Blades

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It's a marvelous razor. I started with a 40s superspeed for the first month and then went the flare-tip route for the next. I prefer the flare-tip of the two, even if I do shave with the ol 40s from time to time.
-- Chet
Update: so last night I did a test lathering with the Classic Brand Sandalwood and the Vulfix. My results were, through my own fault, lousy. :thumbdown

However, did some reading, watched a video and tried again: thick(ish) meringue like lather. :thumbup:

Rather than waste all that luxurious foam, I wet my face, lathered up went through the ritual... once again forgetting that my blades have yet to arrive. All that was available to me was a disposable :crying:
Not having blades for a flair tip is akin to not having gas for a vintage Corvette.

Well............sort of. :blush:

Congrats on your new aquisitions. :thumbup1:

Congratulations on your new acquisitions and thanks for adding the pictures. Once you have your blades, be sure to go slow, have fun, NO PRESSURE on your razor and enjoy your shaves.

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