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Note to UK shavers: Ebay UK has removed all blade listings

So in the last few days it turns out that Ebay UK has removed all double and single edge blade listings, which is a massive shame. Its something to do with an update to the dangerous weapons act or something but in reality its a load of bull.

I think shipping is allowed if you used tracked shipping so some listings may return but I recently had a listing removed simply for including the term "blade" so I'm not too hopeful.
Sadly that appears correct. Thankfully the sellers I use for new blade purchases have their own websites where it is possible to purchase from them directly. I assume that older or vintage blades from private sellers will no longer be listed on Ebay UK which is a shame.
There are listings for straight razors which is an anomaly. Straight razors are more dangerous as weapons!
I have enough blades for at least a decade so I am lucky.
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