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Not understanding any coolness factor with stubble

I believe the look is supposed to convey manliness or toughness or whatever, but guys with stubble just look like they came off a bender and need a shower and shave to me. I reflexively look in their eyes too to see if they're on something.

Norelco et al even sell "stubble maintainer" electric razors.

I guess you can at least save money on shaving software...
As with most facial hair styles, it looks good on some men. Others shouldn't do it.

Agreed. And this isn't a new thing, it's been around for a very long time. Some women like the look. Some men, apparently look better with some stubble than without it. Some men pull off the stubble look better than other men.

No reason to try to understand it, IMO. YMMV is true on many levels.
In my observations, it seems as though the guys with the scragliest beards, those with lots of bare spots and no growth, and thin, wiry beards, are the ones more likely to go for the stubble look. I don't get it at all. I have worn a beard at times, and I have even had a very short beard, but it was always full. Look at some of the PGA pros--I couldn't imagine being in one of the final groups at the Masters and not shaving....I'm with ya......just don't get it. Of course, I'm 61 years old, and I also hate Pearl Jam.
I remember when long hair, big bushy sideburns. rectangular glasses, and bell bottoms were in style.

Let's not forget those 4" platform "disco" shoes. Another "in thang" that is (thankfully) out now

The new "in" style is maintaining the look of not having shaved in 3 days (everyday)
I used to go with the stubble, just because a few girls I dated found it attractive and "rugged" but since I have started DE shaving... I have found that clean shaven takes the cake.
I can't stand how it feels on my face. Too itchy and too distracting. Of course, I'm now distracted by how nice my face feels after a BBS.
I used to go with the stubble, just because a few girls I dated found it attractive and "rugged" but since I have started DE shaving... I have found that clean shaven takes the cake.

Most of my adult life I had a beard. But in the past 15 years, or so, when I have been shaving part of my face, I have worn stubble on occasion and not thought twice about it. I thought I looked fine with it and that's all that matters. It also helped that my girlfriends of the time like it that way, too. But I didn't do it for that reason, or to look "cool"--I just didn't feel like shaving. I wouldn't go to a job interview or meet a new client with stubble. But I might meet a vendor that way.

I guess some women dig the "don't give a crap" look. But I think even more women are simply attracted to men who are confident and march to their own drummer. And fortunately for me (since I am neither tall nor extremely handsome) I have an unreasonable amount of self confidence.

Maybe because I am a child of the 60's/70's, I learned to refrain from judging people based on shallow preconceived notions of what looks "right", "proper" etc. I despise the baseball hat worn backward and pants worn really low. So, you know what I do? I don't wear those things that way. But I have met plenty of intelligent and interesting people who dress, act and groom themselves differently than I. I may think they look stupid, but I know they aren't--and that's really what matters.

The worst look on anyone, to me, is one that seems too manufactured/fake and doesn't reflect who they really are. Sometimes it seems someone is trying too hard to look a particular part: Cool, Hip, Goth, Corporate, Jock, etc. It's easier to know the truth if you've actually known the person for a few years. Other times you are left to guess. So like most, I tend to size people up based on the way they carry themselves --more so than the way they look. But I am careful to allow new information in that might change my opinion.

I guess my point is: Whatever you choose to wear and however you choose to look, if it is genuine and reflects who you really are, you will probably be fine --if you wear it with confidence. I suppose there is a caveat of understanding context and the appropriate attire/look for a few specific occasions.
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