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No weights workouts

I would pick up some resistance bands. Personally, I'd recommend against the cheap ones, although they'll be fine for many, and go for some good quality ones like ELITEFTS.
nike fitness club was a free app. it was decent and low impact/concern for injury.

I would be cautious with highly repetitive burpees/box jumps and the like. Seen lots of CrossFit injuries.
TRX, a set of loop resistance bands, and a set of mini-band (yoga bands) is all you need for a great workout and fitness.

Get the intensity needed while avoiding all that wear and tear on your joints and tendons. Eventually a price will have to be paid for all those reps, which you don't need anyway. (Trust me.) Get into super slow: take a look at Doug McGuff's vids on youtube and read his book, one of several by different authors on the subject.

I've also incorporated isometrics. Those are also intense and can be quite effective w/o all the wear and tear.
I just stopped cycling daily recently due to the lower temperature. Now I hit the Concept2 Model D almost daily. 50:05 is rowing time, 2:23 is the 500m split iirc, 10017m is distance rowed, 27 is strokes per min I believe. I'm on their wait list for a SkiErg ( they say some time in December).

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