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  • Contented,
    Not at all trying to say Air Force is bad , just would have been the wrong service for hyper , motivated me . I joined to shoot and blow things up, my first MOS, being that of a cannon crew member, now I'm in rotary wing aviation though. I'm a maintainer on both the Chinook and the Blackhawk. Not as exciting, but it sure is nice to not sleep in the dirt. As the name implies, I'm Guard so I'm currently posted to Ft. Couch. Coming up on re-enlistment and am actually thinking of Going over to the Blue or whatever Air Force Reserve/Guard's new recruiting motto is. The 106th resque wing is not far from my house and seems to be a good unit.
    Hi there!

    I am former AF. No matter what you may have heard, we really are not all bad. Where are you posted, what do you do?

    I used to fix broken F-15's, now my son just finished basic. New to wet shaving.

    Thank you for your service!!!

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