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Script to filter unwanted sellers/items and add infinite scrolling to buyee.jp

Hi all,

As many of you know, buyee.jp is a great place to get stuff, including but not limited to razors and honing stones, from Japan, in particular from Yahoo Auctions JP.

Since I use it a fair bit, I wrote some scripts which make the experience slightly more pleasant. These scripts add two new features:

1) Infinite scrolling of results. When you approach the bottom of a page of results, it auto-loads the next page of results. There are some slight bugs with this: you lose the overlays which tell you if you are bidding on an item; and on mobile, the favourite stars next to items don't show up properly. Fixing these would involve a lot of reverse-engineering of the site code which I don't want to do!

2) Hiding unwanted sellers or unwanted items. Some sellers you never want to see at all; you can hide them. Some sellers have items you never want to see; so you can also hide individual items.

The script and instructions on how to use it are here:

Before installing it, you will need to add a "userscripts" extension to your browser. There are details on the Greasy Fork website above about this:

It is a mild hassle, but really worth it I think if you use Buyee more than extremely infrequently. My suggestions for "userscripts" extensions to use:

- For MS Edge/Firefox/Chrome: Tampermonkey
- For Safari on Mac or iOS: Userscripts
- On Android: Chrome does not support extensions, Firefox does but I can't get this to work. I suggest installing Kiwi Browser and using Tampermonkey.

Note you should be careful with userscript extensions. The extension itself is not dangerous, but if you install unvetted scripts, they could do bad things. I offer my word that my script does not do bad things, and the source code is there to be inspected for anyone who would like to confirm this.

Feedback or suggestions gratefully received here!
New update to handle some changes to the buyee website. You can just visit the link above again and upgrade:

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