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My New Brush from Rudy Vey

Here it is. The handle is Ukrainian bog oak handle in a Persian jar shape as you see. Knot is 22mm diameter Muhle STF fibre with 50mm loft.

Rudy Vey Bog Oak STF.jpg

For me, it's an experiment with a synthetic knot after years of using just 2-band and Manchurian badgers. I'm now 4 shaves in with it. I've used Haslinger soap and Lea cream. The razor has been my eccentric Razorine Flatboy with a Personna Eddison blade.

I'm impressed. The handle has nice weight, texture, balance, and grip for my small-medium size hand. The STF knot has the spring, or backbone, that I like. Tips are much softer than I'm used to. I miss the slight scritch, but It's just a different experience. The brush is also practical and efficient in use. No soaking needed, just a dip in the water for a few seconds. It generates and spreads slick lather at least as well as my badger brushes. Cleanup is quick--2 or 3 cycles of rinsing and squeezing the knot with cow-milking method. Hang it upside down, and it's dry in a couple of hours. Zero shedding.

I'm not giving up my badger brushes, but I could get used to this.
After half dozen or so shaves, I can report--
- As good as the brush looks, it loads soap and cream and lathers even better.
- It absorbs moisture quickly and fully among its fibers.
- It doesn't shed at all.
- It cleans up efficiently with Rudy's cow-milking method.
What else could I want?
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