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    I came across this photo of the original Gillette NEW razor case. Notice all capital spelling.
    The NEW.jpg
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  3. Truman said, people say I give them hell. I don’t give them hell. I tell them the truth and they think it’s hell..
  4. Can I get on this wagon? :a30:

  5. For the record, I call it "NEW" because those before me here said thats what it is called. Although, on this box "NEW" seems to refer to it being a "new" product and not its name. Both razor and blade are referred to as "NEW".


    It doesn't matter to me either way!
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    (Popcorn, munching)

  7. All I know is the 3 first issue LCs I have are great razors. "New" or "NEW" they work very well for me. :)
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    Actually Mr. Razor is wrong. You’ve demonstrated that we should be calling it THE NEW. :a30:
  9. I’m NEW here. Who am I supposed to argue with?


    I don’t see that King C Gillette cares how we style ‘new’, but I can tell there was very little lowercase available in the print shop that day.

    What he darn sure wants is for us to only use “BLADES OF GILLETTE MANUFACTURE”. “FOR MECHANICAL REASONS” of course.

    As far as I can see from this packaging, lowercase was strictly reserved for the Gillette logo and the sacred titles “President” and “Jr.”.

    In case you were wondering whether PROBAK Jr. blades are kosher...


    I guess that “for” has greater impact in lowercase, as well. That’s about 3 blades for a buck in current dollars, btw.
  10. Brother Tanuki, I loved your comment at the top of your post!
  11. You mean the KNOWN THE WORLD OVER in caps? Or the MADE IN USA? Give me a freaking break. That's called visual style. Sometimes it's for contextual emphasis. But doesn't indicate the name of the product in the face of other evidence. I thought you read the thread where boxes and ads were discussed.

    You'll have to do way better.

    I've recently learned though that Krumholz started this thing before Herr Razor , so he's really to blame for this caps nonsense.
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  12. Ahhh. Coffee and the morning NEWS.
    Nothing NEW here...
  13. I trust all know I am doing this in the spirit of fun and fun only. :a50:
  14. Yup. Reading this NEWS is waaay more fun than reading the real morning news.
  15. That "5 Probak Jr. Blades" overstamp must have been irresistible for Henry Jacques Gaisman; one last shot from Auto Strop's founder and Probak's inventor to make sure everyone kNEW who was in charge at Gillette.
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    I guess they decided to twist the knife with more than a stamp on the New box.

    Yes, this box muddies the water a bit, but nonetheless, I still prefer NEW for clarity.
  17. We were all NEW here once. I think you should argue with the correct side if that helps. :a17:

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