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Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Twelvefret, Jan 9, 2019.

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    When did Gillette start calling their first razor the Double Ring instead of the 100? What about the second, a Single Ring instead of 102?
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    You mean GEM, right?
  3. :a11::a11::a11:
  4. Don't you start.[​IMG]
  5. Wasted my life. If only there was an Internet full of Gem ads when I was younger, I would have dumped my 5 o’clock shadow and put in some late hours. At work...

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    Just messing with you
  7. Unfortunately the uninformed, and the sheepie inclined NEWbies would take you seriously absent a response :sigh:
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  8. Exactly. We are not discussing diamonds.
  9. ^
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  10. What are you struggling to communicate?
  11. That's a carat. So he was talking diamonds!
  12. The struggle is not to be condescending. Not sure why you felt the need to rehash any of this, as you've added nothing to a debate previously engaged.
  13. You are condescending.
  14. Thanks for the high level of engagement, I think we've covered everything.
  15. I figured you started this by nosing into discussions with your grammar police when folks were just trying to learn and discuss a razor. You get what you deserve.
  16. Wow, you sure taught me s lesson. Thanks.
  17. :a14::a14:
  18. <Shakes head>

    Seems y'all were actually in agreement. But wires got crossed somehow.

    Neither likes grammar policing.
  19. That was a joke from Rev not grammar policing.

    If the OP actually wanted discussion there is an existing thread from last year but there really isn't more to add I don't believe.
  20. It's an unnecessary distraction
    I remember about six months ago I was discussing the NEW LC when the grammar police showed up saying Mr. Razor was wrong. Well obviously, the case Gillette used for the there new version used all caps. Equally obvious was their intent to brand the new version and the NEW.

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