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    No muddiness. All contemporary ads, releases from Gillette, and contemporary trade journals refer to the New Gillette Razor and Gillette New Deluxe Razor..

    I understand since Krumholz decided on caps for whatever reason, Mr Razor following, that folks now choose to back into an ahistorical rationale, and that's fine, just don't claim it has any historic accuracy. As for clarity I'll continue to argue that the New Improved is adequately distinguished by the word "Improved" on the end.

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  1. :a17::a17::a17: Touche!

    I like calling my the New LC. Easier to type. Also it eludes to whether its a short or long comb that way :)
  3. emwolf

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    i think we should rename it the Gillette Gnu, and end the disagreement about NEW/New.
  4. There's a man who understands the proper use of caps. New LC . How really hard is that.
  5. REV579

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    I once had a guy tell me he didn't text, only communicated verbally, pen & paper, or email. I pressed him and asked about his grandkids.
    "What are you going to do when they begin to text you?"
    "Next time I see them, I'll remind them I don't text."
    He was serious. Whether he's stubborn or principled, it's his loss.
    I can appreciate people sharing insights on their razor, NEW or New. If it helps people understand a different designation, which I find it did for me, I'll most likely continue to use NEW, or NEW SC, or NEW LC, reserving New or new to refer to possession or ownership.

    And the debate goes on. Have A GREAT Weekend!
  6. New York ain't new but I sure love her still lol!

  7. I agree, his loss. Sad. Sounds like an angry old man. I prefer sweet old men and children make sweet old men possible.

    Like you, I appreciate whatever it takes to communicate so that others comprehend and understand clearly.
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    Gary_Gnu.jpeg +1
  9. Our local classic music station reminds us that at one time all classical music was once new.
  10. One brief aside, in later advertising (c1934) Gillette stopped using the New name and simply referred to it as The Gillette Razor. No all caps on that either by the way.
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  11. Buddy I hope you'll have a chance to shave with one of these "NEWs" so far I've been quite impressed with the old new tech rather than the new new techs lol.

    Slims and techs are pretty amazing razors for being 60-80 yr old farts lol!

    Of course shaving with an old old tech like your straights is something else!
  12. Well, I’ve got a NEW LC and a NEW SC.:a29:
  13. So the grandkids just need to text his e-mail account. Then he'd e-mail, they'd text. viola :)
  14. Well, since the thread seems to have stopped :)

    Does Mr. Razor think it should be "NEW" or "New", or did he just say that packaging had "NEW"?

    Also, do people use "OLD type", "Old type", or some other capitalization scheme? And is it consistent?

    Just stirring :) Only dog I have in it is I don't type. So holding shift and hitting 5 letters is easier, ever so slightly, than hitting 3 letters and then releasing the shift, of course "LC new" is easiest :001_tt2:
  15. Brother Clay, this is all fun and games for me. That said, when I came here to the forum folks were using capitals to communicate about these razors and I adopted the practice. At that time if someone had said they had a new lc I would not have understood they were referring to a vintage or a current offering from Gillette.

    The same kind of goes for Schick injectors. Recently someone was pointing out that the various types were a fabrication of someone on the internet. Well, I appreciate that someone on the internet for developing a language so we can all understand each other.

    As with any hobby or obsession, a language develops as a short hand for having to type more or explain ourselves. A baby butt smooth is a capitalized short handized "BBS" as are most acronyms.

    While I will always applaud evidenced based posting and such, the constant correction and condescending nature that some members use is off setting. I personally have benefitted from Mr. Razor. However, it took sometime to realize that my Raised Flat Bottom was a #88 rather than #77 because of the container.
  16. Oh, I agree. That is why I sort of look at it amusedly. If someone comes into a post, and then corrects the poster that "write" should of been "right". Apparently the post was clear enough so that the responder KNEW what was meant. Asking for clarification is different. So what was accomplished? More characters on the internet! Now if the OP was talking about others intelligence, etc., it is an amusing point.

    I do find it interesting how many have strong opinions about "NEW", but don't have corresponding feelings about "OLD". If it were important, there should be! And where did "type" appear from or disappear to?

    Of course, sending new users into the depths of the internet to figure out what the acronym "NEW" means does make my evil side give a little smirk :)
  17. I only read these threads for the ads. :a14::a21::a14:
  18. The Gem ads were a lot sexier.

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