Just gotten an GEM 1912 SE..

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    I'm already a DE user. Any tips and techniques that I need to take note before I do my shave tomorrow?

  1. Use a more acute angle with respect to the plane of your skin; start with the razor head flat-against-the-face, then pull the back of the head off just a little to set about 10-15 degrees. Stroke lightly to check the setup. The sound will tell you that you've got it right!

    Also, when loading the blade, make sure the edge is securely wedged behind the stop clips on each end of the guard, and that the cap closes tightly to secure it.
  2. Oh, you are in for a treat! These are great razors. Not much to add, except that the balance is a little different than most DEs. You do need to watch that angle as noted above, especially when going down your chin. Make sure you do not just continue from your chin to under the chin without adjusting the angle or you may get a bit of burn- experience talking here:blushing: Also, skin stretching really helps with the stiffer SE blades, like with a straight.
  3. As you may have already guessed, the angle is very different. Maybe start with the razor head flat on your face and then lift slowly until you find the correct angle. Also, SEs seem to give off more noise than DEs, so the sound lets you know how it's going. Really though, keep your touch light as the weight of the razor alone should provide enough pressure.
  4. I did that and it didn't work for me. I had 2 of the worst shaves of my life with my SE so I set it on a shelf. About two weeks later I picked it up and had a great shave! I don't know what the deal is but I have used it several times with good to great results and no more issues. I wish I had some good advice but the best I can give you is if it doesn't work out for you set it aside for a few days or weeks then give it another shot.
  5. When I change from Edwin Jagger DE89 to Slim the angle is more acute. OK so now SE is even more acute. :)
  6. Along with the just-off-flush angle advice above, I find that lightly holding the handle just below the head with my thumb and index finger, and using my ring or pinky finger to press on the handle end to adjust the angle, helps keep things manageable. I've never been able to use an SE with the DE "choke down" grip.
  7. Let us know if you like the GEM 1912.
  8. Enjoy it. It's a great razor.
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    It's a great razor - but you will have to play around with the angle that works for you. Start with the razor head touching your face and then gradually change the angle so that the handle is closer to your face. It will take a few attempts until you find the sweet spot that cuts your beard without cutting your face!
  10. I just started with one ,myself. Listen for the song from the whiskers being cut and you'll know when it's right.
  11. That's the danger part.

    How dangerous compared to a newbie using a feather on a DE razor LOL..
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  13. Much closer than my DE, anyway! ( A new cheapy that has no markings I got on fleabay.)
  14. Just tested my GEM 1912 today.

    At the start the angle is a bit difficult, quite a bit of tugging when ATG below the chin area. Still need to get used to I guess.
    Got a few weepers ( no biggie ). Using Ted Pella blades.

    I'm using the flat area of the razor to assist with the angle of attack. Is the correct way to go?
    Why the weepers?
  15. Lay off the atg for awhile. Stick with wtg passes only format few shaves it won't believe glass but less chance of hurting yourself. Then throw in some wtg. Once you've got all that down, then carefully revisit the the atg. You shouldn't be using atg till like, October lol.
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    IMO, yes. Once you get used to it, if you decide you want a bit more aggression, you can angle up off the face a bit. As to the weepers- are you minding your pressure?
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  19. SoTD

    Gem SE 1912
    Ted Pella GEM PTFE blade
    Lucy Tan Cade
    Duke 3 face lather
    Alum block
    Crabtree Nomad AB
    Hermes d'terres EdT

    This is my third shave on this razor and blade. After shave I will dry the SE blade. This razor has DTS surround. Very good feedback and extreme BBS with 3 passes Angle is steeper than the slim, have to get a bit of getting used to.

    I might consider this as my goto but for now I have to polish my skills and techniques. So I guess SE will
    Be used during the weekends and special occasions together with my Duke 3 :)

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