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January 2023 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)

2023 GRUYERE #49 - Still in
January 2023 GRUME #18 - Still in

Date: 01.30.23
Days growth: 3

Head shaver

Razor: Merkur Progress
Blade: Astra SP (1)
Brush: Parker Synthetic (WHSY)

Pre-shave: Hot shower using Nablus soap on face and head with facial scrubber

Lather: Nablus Soap - face lathered

Passes: 3 (All on setting 3 with the Progress)
Shave #27
- Still In -

  • *Truefitt’s Apsley - SOTM
  • *T&H Rooney 3/2 - Silvertip
  • *Thiers Issard Sheffield- 6/8
  • *Mühle R89
  • *Gillette Minora Platinum
  • Thayer's Astringent
  • Stirling's Deton-8 splash with menthol

Quick and simple 2-pass shave this morning, omitting the DE from the lineup.
This brush makes for a seriously luxe experience :001_wub:

Nice and smooth finish for today - 1 more sunrise remaining in this GRUME

Still in with a close but harsh shave, this will do for the month.
Muhle R41
Treet black carbon (1)
Put a Feather into the R41 instead and enjoy. It appears counterintuitive 😅 but a Feather will let the R41 shine...😀👍

Honestly don't think I've ever tried a Feather in the R41. I usually reserve the Nacet, German Wilkie, and Med Prep for this application.
Give it a try, though. You can thank me later... if you survive* 😆

* I'm joking. A Feather blade has become my go to blade with the R41. Honestly, just give it a try 😀
I can attest to what Guido is saying @ChriWilson. I have just over one year experience with DE shaving and I have the R41 since July last year or so (I think). Never tried a Feather until I received some from Jack.

The R41 is only aggressive if you do not pay attention and a Feather is only aggressive if you use too much pressure. So attention without pressure equals the most marble skin you ever had.

30/31 participant

2pass BBS shave with no drama.
First pass with the Slim, 2nd with ikon Tek was easy and very effective.
Really like the scent of The Dead Sea AS

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