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January 2023 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)

Headshave today - Still in

Eversharp Hydro-magic ’500’
Schick Injector (11)
Yaqi Tuxedo 28mm
Karo Classic
Nivea Sensitive Cool Balm

IMG-5025_DSC_5025 (2).JPG
Day 29, 93.5% complete.

Preshave: Hot washcloth
Soap: Mitchell's Wool Fat
Brush: Yaqi 24mm synthetic cashmere
Razor: GC.84 SB, Al Handle, KCG #9
Bowl: Turkish copper
Post-shave: Nivea Balm, Hyaluronic Acid

I only needed a basic shave, but since everything was working well, did the full near-BBS. On its 9th shave, the KCG blade still felt OK.
Still in

I used the Black Beauty a couple of days ago, it is a beautiful razor both in terms of functionality and refined feeling (lack of blade chatter).

I used it on setting 7 for 2 passes, but the stubble were back within a few hours and by the night time, I was ready to shave again.

I'll have to use it in setting 9 for my usual 2 pass plus touch-up or increase number of passes at lower setting.

Lovely razor, but it seems it's not for me.

I've been busy with shuttling family members and right now I'm getting ready for a much awaited, long overdue and much needed long drive to another State for attending a function. If everything goes well then I'll leave tomorrow morning, else I'll be posting a SOTD tomorrow.

Wishing you all a great week ahead.
365 days of shaving30/365 (100%)
GRUYERE30/365 (100%)
GRUME January30/31 (100%)
Other participations

XWTGCheeks: N-S
Neck: N-S
WXTGCheeks L: W-E
Cheeks R: E-W
Neck: S-N
XATGCheeks: S-N

Mühle R41
Personna Red (12)Omega Roma Capitolina
Pre-shaveSoap & BowlPost-shave
Cold splash
Proraso Green
Dutchy Bergamot
Hybrid lathering
Cold splash
Floïd (AS)
Nivea (Balm)

9.5/10 (~15 minutes)9.5/10 (tiny one under the chin)
8.5/10 (DFS+)7/10 (harsher)

Notes to today’s shave:

Still in!! Only one more day gentleman!

A very nice Monday shave.

More details can be found here.

Enjoy yours!
Still in and purchase free. Think I will make it... only one more day to go.
Sorry, no photos. Phone on the fritz. Used an unknown soap in my Burt's Bees mug, Timeless bronze with a Feather blade. Brush was a Kent BK12S my beloved gave me for my birthday a year ago. Great brush. She won't buy Badger because she thinks the Chinese will shoot the last one before they admit they have. I see her point.

Been fun.
Still in with a close but harsh shave, this will do for the month.

Muhle R41
Treet black carbon (1)
I'd blame the blade for the harsh shave. The last time I used a Treet black carbon blade it literally teared up my face... emphasis is on "last time ". 😉

Put a Feather into the R41 instead and enjoy. It appears counterintuitive 😅 but a Feather will let the R41 shine...😀👍
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Wax On...Wax Off...Wax On...Wax Off...
I"m in training for Fruity February and OBIF
I'm also thinking about going to Over-Achievers Anonymous meetings :letterk1:

Gear for the week in SWS:

Castle Forbes Lime Oil
Feather Kamisori DX
Feather Artist Club Pro *
Muhle XL STF Olive wood brush **

I quit trying to keep count of how many times I use a blade. I'm going to use a new one on Feb. 1st
** I may use a different brush this week

A short story- During my first GRUME, (May 2021) I was successful but was out the next month because I thought I HAD TO HAVE a lime cream. This is it.

Breaking News: I knew I had a RR Hawk SE razor somewhere. I finally found it yesterday. Now I have two single edge razor options for next month.

Still In GRUME, GRUYERE & 365 Shaves

Please take care of yourself and each other.

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