Im slighty worried about my addiction to shaving

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    Sorry if this has arleady been talked about before but just looking fo some feedback in relation to my addiction to shaving.
    I have been de shaving now for about a month. Im only 20 and to be honest i have barely enough hair to shave once a week never mind once a day ha. I don't mean to be disrespectfull in anyway but im gettin a bit worried at how interested i am becoming. Its got to the stage where i would be sitting with my gf and i would start day dreaming about all the creams and soaps im goin to buy. I have talked to her about it and she gives me the :001_rolle ha. She dosnt mind tooo much. My mam is just being moany saying im spending too much money on it. Only spent about 60 altogether to get started but ye know yourself packades of samples and creams coming once a week.
    Will this die down or is it no harm. Not overly concerned but thought i would get feedback. deffinetely looking into it too mcuh but feel like i compensating for somethin missing in my life.

    Sorry if that was very depressing ha. Will be a d shaver for the rest of my life. Just looking for feedback and anyone else feel the same way.

    Thanks. Love the site great place to meet new people and get ideas. As i said before I have studied more stuff here then two years in college ha
  1. Welcome to B&B. The addiction comes and goes. I thought I was over mine...then I dropped (what I consider to be) an obscene amount of money on soaps/creams/blades, etc. I'll trawl eBay for the next great deal...

    Don't think of it as an addiction. It's a hobby! What's cool is when my wife gets close and tells me how smooth my face is..and how good I smell!!
  2. Let your GF know that more frequent sex will keep you from thinking about shaving.

    Re: shaving, I used to think about the possibilities more frequently than now since I was in learning mode bigtime. While still in learning mode, it's just a matter of fine tuning things, so I've backed off of thinking about it so often. I think you might be undergoing what I went through. Sure, you can get obsessed with it, but from the sound of it it doesn't seem like you've gone over the deep end.

    OK, the Dr is out of session now. You can pay the desk exactly what the advice is worth- nothing. It was my opinion.
  3. Offer to shave her, and get her into the addiction with you. Failing that try REHAB, but remember rehab is for quitters.
  4. Impossible to answer for you. Some people are more prone to AD's than others. I'm personally not a fan of having a lot of products lying around and rotating through them. I've used several brushes and DE's and settled on 2 brushes and 1 DE. I only use 1 soap at a time with the next puck onhand so I don't run out. I've settled on one type of blade. YMMV, as is always stated around here.
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    I'm not one to give a straight answer to any question, but I'll do it for you.
    If you think it's a problem, then focus your attention on a particular part of shaving that doesn't cost anything.
    Find out the best way to get that ATG pass without weepers or try different prep styles.
    I'll tell you up front, there are way too many products out there for us.
    It's easy to get in over your head. You eventually hit the point where you have a bunch of soaps and creams that perform exactly the same.
    Slow down, you have lots of time.
    Enjoy what you've got.
  6. Some people have acquisition syndrome in their blood.

    If it isn't shaving, it will be whiskeys, guitars, pornography, rental properties, cars, boats, etc.

    Stay with shaving as long as you possibly can. It could be worse. Trust me. :(
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    I'm guessing you don't mean "ha ha" addicted.

    Find other things to occupy your time. Look forward to your shave, but if it becomes like a bad song stuck in your head, it's time to move on. It's only shaving.

    It's probably a good thing that you don't have a lot of disposable income at this stage in your life to waste away on... er... brushes. :blush:
  8. Ha so true. Im not so worried about the money. I have a part time job and im not gettin into debt or spending serious money. I suppose i am in the learning mode. But i have noticed im extremely picky. Although it is a cool hobby and im sure ill stop thinking about it so much iin time. The whole sex thing is a great idea haha, if only it was that simple.

    Great feedback thanks
  10. Addiction? To shaving?
    Really I think your on the wrong page!
    I could stop anytime I wanted to!
    Honest I could give it up just like that!
    Problem ha not here........

    ........Oh look at that shaving cream, be right back (after I've shaved ofc)

  11. I think you're going through what just about everyone goes through. The initial AD hits hard, because there are tons of products out there that you're hearing about, but haven't yet tried. Once you find a few soaps/creams that you love, it will die down a good bit. Also, don't dismiss the cheap stuff! Arko is one of the best out there, even if the scent isn't anything special.
  12. That's Nothing!

    No, no it wont

    Nope, No harm at all.

    Welcome to the addiction!
  13. Welcome to B&B. The addiction what addiction i could quit any time :laugh:
  14. To paraphrase Nathan Hale:

    "I only regret that I have but one face to shave for my addiction."
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    Yeah, I understand. We joke about ADs and "addictions" a lot here, I meant to say that it sounded like you wanted advice rather than the typical clowning around.

    There's only so much you can learn or know about shaving soaps, brushes, etc. Eventually it will wear off and you'll be left with only occasional flare-ups of coveting and obsessing. :biggrin1:
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  16. I think it a nice hobby where there is an awful lot to explore, to hunt down and to try out, depending on the depth of your wallet. Addictive, I can't say no in my case....:blushing:
  17. I was surprised how hard the AD bug bit me after my first couple of razors. I didn't know there were so many options out there! I'm about 5 months into this, and it definitely became a hobby for a while. But once I had 20+ razors and some of them duplicates, I decided I had to sell some stuff. I think I have around 19 razors right now consisting of DE's, SE's, and injectors and I have my favorite from each catagory. Five brushes and four types of soaps. Soaps and creams are where my next AD flare up is likely to come from, but for now it has subsided.
  18. Trust me - Your girlfriend is thinking about shoes, handbags, hairstyles, manicures, pedicures, etc. while you are sitting next to her. No need to feel guilty.

    And I think I'm hearing that you are addicted to being relaxed? Isn't everyone?

    The first step to my shave is to carve out a little "me" time. Then I go through a relaxing pre-shave routine, I put some relaxing warm lather on my face, I use a really old and/or really beautiful work of art (I str8-shave). I have to maintain a heightened sense of awareness or I'll cut off a cartilaginous appendage, and I go through my routine.

    The whole experience, done properly, is reminiscent of savoring a cigar or a shot of scotch. The difference is that, instead of the obvious side-effects of those substances, the effect is to look nicer.

    As long as my "ADs" don't cause me to write bad checks and I am able to meet my social commitments I don't see a down-side.
  19. Amen Brother!

    Except that the reputable sellers are on B&B B/S/T, not Ebay. Better deals on B/S/T too IMO. Dam, got enough TLAs in that last sentence?:lol::lol::lol:

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