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If you had to choose one of each shaving item to use for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Been thinking this over for a day or so but this morning's shave kind of solidified it in my mind.
Razor: Henckels Friodur 472
Brush: Razorock 400 Plissoft
Soap and splash: Proraso Red
Balm: Nivea Sensitive

Now, I'm kind of a seasonal guy, winter I prefer a more moisturizing splash like Proraso Red, spring and summer I prefer Lilac Vegetal. But I'm pretty sure I could use this combo for the rest of my life and be happy, if a little bored.
Vintage Gillette Fatboy, Astra SP blades, Yaqi synthetic brush, GFT Spanish Leather (shaving cream not a hard soap). Don't often use AS, so I could happily live without it; maybe Bull Dog moisturiser instead.
I do like it but if it smelled like TOBS Sandalwood that would be perfect 🙂
I have TOBS Sandalwood and I am in the minority here that do not really like it. I got it off Amazon though and it never really smelt right. Smells mostly like plain old soap.
Safery Razor setup:
Razor: Mühle R41
Blade: Bolzano
Brush: omega 10019 boar
Soap: de vergulde hand soap
AS: fine american blend

Straight razor setup:
Straight: Böker dutch barber (7/8)
Brush: Simpsons chubby 2 best
Soap: De vergulde hand
AS: Floïd vigoroso
Strop: Kanayama 30k (schulz version)
Hone: Naniwa 12k
Currently it would be..

Razor: Henson AL13 ++
Blade: Kai
Brush: Omega EVO
Soap: Lothur Lonny
Aftershave: Zingari Man Sego balm

.. but it changes frequently!
Today's answer:

Razor: Game Changer 68-P (just edges out the Fatip SE Piccolo)
Blades: Treet Platinum
Brush: Muhle chrome synthetic
Soap: MdC Original
Aftershave (1 lotion and 1 splash): TOBS Jermyn Street balm / Zingari Man Nomad splash
[Bowl: Captain's Choice heavyweight copper bowl
Pre-shave: Proraso green pre-shave
Patching-up: Proraso gel riparatore]

I think I'd be happy with that lot.

I already did. Years ago now. Except the brush, which I changed last year.

Fasan DoubleSlant
Personna Med Prep
RV 2022 Contributor SE Synthetic
Vintage Oster tallow and modern Carden Farms gylcerine mixed 50/50
Lubriderm lotion

The Old Type was my Grandfather's and used for sideburn trimming as the slant isn't so good for that.

Ignore my wife's Lady Gillette.

And you can see my Dad's Tech and Rubberset brush on display as well. I use that a couple times a year along with some Old Spice shaving soap he left as well.

Fun thread, I'll play.

Vintage set-up:
Goodwill #160
Shick Platinum Plus
Graydog Black Walnut 100-year-old Schoolhouse 26mm SHD
MdC Fougere
Vanilla Highball

Modern set-up:
Blackbird Ti SB
Elite Razor 26mm Manchurian
MdC Fougere
Vanilla Highball
Razor: Gillette New Type
Blades: Lord Platinum
Brush: Semogue boar 1305
Soap: Tabac
Cream: Geo F. Trumper Spanish leather
Aftershave: Pinaud Clubman Classic
No lotions, I find them too greasey feeling.
Definitely a fun thread.

Razor: Merkur Progress
Blades: Bic CP
Brush: Yaqi 26mm Moka Express
Soap: Cella Red Kilo Brick
Aftershave: PAA Atomic Age Bay Rum

I'd be AOK using this everyday. Soap is a tough one though, because I like the post shave feel of a lot of artisan soap makers products better than Cella. However a lot of the scents are polarizing to either me, or my wife. She doesn't really mind what soap I use, but really loves bayrum as the finisher. I like Saponifico Varesino but not all of the scents too much. I like the desert Vetiver, but not enough to only use it forever. Cella is a great comprise between scent, which I like, performance which is great, ease of use, and economy.
For gear that is currently manufactured:

Razor = Good Dollar W59 (China)
Soap = Palmolive Regular cream (Italy)
Brush = no-brand Chinese guaranteed pure best badger synthetic (China)

For aftershave I'll stick with my current private witch hazel and bay rum blend.
I never would have thought you’d choose Gold Dollar of all the SRs you have.
If all I could have is one of each? While I would still want a great shave, I would also want it to just go back to being a mindless chore. Something I can just do and get it over with as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Since There is no way to pick a favorite from all the things I enjoy now, I would also want my products to reflect this mindless thought

Razor: Gillette Trac II
Brush: Plisson Synthetic
Soap: Arko
AS: I’d just use a squirt of the wife’s face & body lotion she keeps on the bathroom counter.
No Old Spice or Bootleggers?
Razor: Gillette Fatboy
Blade: vintage Schick Krona Comfort (why did they stop making it?!)
Soap: Tabac tallow (why did they stop making it?!)
Brush: Parker chrome handle silvertip badger
AS: Speick
Balm: Gillette aftershave gel
I gave this some thought when I set up my satellite shaving set at our country house. I went with an English theme containing the below items. In many ways I like the simplicity of having only one of each shaving item. It’s kind of relaxing. I’d be perfectly happy to stay out there indefinitely with this set. It has everything that I need.

Set of Cadman Bengall 6/8” Straight Razors
Charnely Forest Whetstone
Westholme Shell Cordovan and Linen Strop
Simpson 57 Best Badger
DR Harris Arlington Hard Soap
DR Harris Arlington Aftershave Milk
Spode Ceramic Shaving Bowl
Natural Sea Wool Sponge
Vintage Sterling Silver Salver Tray
Bisley Gun Oil
Selvyt Polishing Cloth
Gowlland 8x Triplicate Loupe

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