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The simple kit: choosing would be easy but…

Reading a few of the “if you could only keep___” threads and the history of the three pass thread got me thinking. I’ve collected a lot of shaving kit since 2009 when I started wet shaving. I started with a single razor (which I don’t remember but still have probably), a Bullgoose badger brush, and two soaps and a cream. The cream was I think a GFT, the soaps Cella and Arlington. That worked well and I could have kept just that (and did for a long time) but of course I didn’t.

Thinking about what a very basic kit, my choices would be simple but one. Though I have a lot of brushes I really like, the Kent BK8 would be what I’d choose if I only had one. Same with soap or cream. The Xpec I just finished would be a strong contender but price would take me to Cella. Aftershave would probably be Proraso. Razor? …

Aye, and therein lies the rub. I have several that I could choose to only use but couldn’t makeup my mind. The early Superspeed I have was my first thought, especially with a Kai blade. But my ATT ac SE razor has such nice heft and is efficient. But my Supply is very nice too. If I miss a day or two the PAA bakelite slant works the treat. The Henson I bought on a whim with the idea of giving to my youngest when he starts shaving I basically used only during a recent shaving dry spell. So I’d choose…

….that I’m glad I don’t have to choose.
I think many of us have at least one category of products that we'd have a hard time picking just one item. I could use just one razor, blade, and brush with no problem. But I'd have a very hard time picking just one soap.
I enjoy rotating soap, brush and splash options. And trying new blades is great fun!!

The only category that is pretty much fixed is my razor. But that’s me.
I keep 5 brushes quickly available and tend to pick from 2. 6 soaps and 4 get picked routinely. 2 DEs 3 blocks of blades for them, a Gem, and more straights than I routinely use (as my primary tools). 4 strops, 2 I routinely pick from. 4 scents that I haven’t routinely used in 10 odd years. That’s at the house.

2 travel brushes, 2 straights, 1 travel strop, 4 soap sticks, I’ll pick 2 for a long trip. Maybe one of the DEs vs taking straights, a Trac II for TSA checks. And a Feather SS I haven’t touched in years

I could do one of anything. I don’t want or have to.
I'm in much the same boat as @Texchappy

My picks for brush and soap are pretty easy - Omega 632 and Proraso Green.
Choice of aftershave is a little tougher but Stirling Texas on Fire would probably win out.
Razor choice however would be an utter lottery....
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