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If you had to choose one of each shaving item to use for the rest of your life, what would you choose?


three-tu-tu, three-tu-tu
Wolfman WR1
Wizamet blade
SOC 2 band badger brush
Thayer's unscented w/aloe
Clinique Moisturizer

Some were easy: Wolfman, Thayer's and Clinique are already what I use daily. One Brush is crazy. I was between the SOC TSN LE boar and the badger. Muhle STF synthetic for travel. Badger won.

Soap was incredibly difficult. SV is a favorite, but it doesn't work in the heat of the scuttle, so it couldn't be my only one. I've been using Canada soap for the past two weeks and it is fabulous. Frankly, I'm not sure in a blind test I'd know the difference between the Canada and the MdC. Maybe after I've used it longer - maybe. Great soap.

For blade I could have gone Wizamet, PolSilver or Med Prep.

Still, I would not be unhappy with my choices. Interesting exercise.
Simpson T3
Proraso Blue
Nivea 2in1 AS
It just works, AS has no smell so I can apply any EDT after, Proraso Blue has an amaizing perfromance, underrated cream, Nacet is sharo and smooth, EJ3one6 has just the right amount of agresivnes for my taste
Proraso blue instantly became my favourite cream the first time I used it. Lathers amazingly and so much better than the arko or palmolive creams. Do all the prorasos lather the same?
Proraso blue instantly became my favourite cream the first time I used it. Lathers amazingly and so much better than the arko or palmolive creams. Do all the prorasos lather the same?
They are similar
Blue is the creamiest of them and I like that it has no scent
Red is good but after a 2 or third use, I don't know why, first use I can't get it right, but it smells realy nice.
And green is, how to say this, somehow I have a feeling that is 5% less nourishing, like it's a touch drying skin, nothing much, maybe the menthol or eucaliptus is the reason...
Blue is my favourite,
White I didn't try so far.
Whats your choice of:
Aftershave (you can choose 1 lotion and 1 splash)

Razor: PAA Copper Ascension Twist Adjustable Rose Gold

Blades: Wizamet Super Iridium Extra Stainless

Cayune Workshop Dark Nebula 26mm Brush

Bowl: Cayune Workshop Dark Nebula Urethane Resin Bowl

Soap: Stirling Glacial Wintergreen Shave Soap

Aftershave: Stirling Glacial Wintergreen Splash

Aftershave: Duke Cannon Ice Cold Menthol Shave Balm


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Dirty Donuts are so Good.
If all I could have is one of each? While I would still want a great shave, I would also want it to just go back to being a mindless chore. Something I can just do and get it over with as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Since There is no way to pick a favorite from all the things I enjoy now, I would also want my products to reflect this mindless thought

Razor: Gillette Trac II
Brush: Plisson Synthetic
Soap: Arko
AS: I’d just use a squirt of the wife’s face & body lotion she keeps on the bathroom counter.


I shaved a fortune
I have favorites but I'm too new to be able to choose just one set for life. Thankfully, that isn't something I am required to do because of circumstances beyond my control.... for now.
Like @NorthernSoul I couldn't really choose one of anything. If such a challenge every materializes here at B&B I would not participate.
I have to say that this morning's shave was fantastic would be quite happy with the following lineup:

Brush: Simpson T3 Trafalgar
Bowl: Captain's Choice Copper Bowl
Lather: Southern Witchcrafts Incorporeal
Razor: Henson Ti22 V2 +
Blade: Gillette Nacet (1)
Post: Osma Alum Block
Post: Southern Witchcrafts Carpathia
I'm not overly picky and if cost is a factor then I want software that is readily available and inexpensive.

Razor: Henson V1+
Blades: Tatra Platinum
Brush: I still haven't found a favorite.
Cream: Proraso Green. (I have some soaps that I like, but I find creams more hydrating.)
Aftershave: Aqua Velva Ice Blue and Nivea Sensitive Balm
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