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Help me with this Razor ID please

Just got an email from my mom saying she found a razor at my grandma's house and sent this pic.

I can't take any pics or look at it myself till I get there next weekend. Is this just the "slightly different version" of the 1954-1968 flare tip super speed that's in the wiki? Noticed it doesn't have rings on the flare. Thanks for any help
Looks like a Super Speed to me, but I don't know much.... at least that's what the old lady says. :lol:
Looks like the 60's style super speed. Check out this thread that talks about the missing horizontal grooves.

What a special item to have...a razor actually used by somebody in your own family!
yeah it was my grandpaps that past away last year. still goin through all his stuff. thanks for the reply. that pretty much covered it.
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I wanna be sedated!
You will know for sure when you get it by the date code. It is hard to tell from your picture but the TTO does not appear to have the rings on it, I would concur it is probably a 1960's Flare Tip SuperSpeed.
I am not gonna use it, just keep it. Grandparents never had much so this is a keepsake i guess you would call it. I have an EJ to use. I did use that super speed when i was about 4 years old without a blade in it. Shavin with grandpa has always been a good memory so this gets put up to keep. Thanks for your help guys.
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