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Hello from the Isle of Man


The Aussie Bulldog
Some very interesting and beautiful handles in that box. All look to be unique.


B&B's Man in Italy
Dear Mark, could you tell us exactly when the new Vulfix Old Original web-site will be effective? Thank you, my friend. :)
Looking at the Limited Edition Chubby 2 , they have Great Britain on the labels.
I know that The Isle Of Man is not in England, but is in Great Britain.
All of the adverts for Simpsons brushes that I have seen, have "Made In England" on the label or description.
Are the brushes labelled "Made in England" old stock or are some products made on "The Isle of Man" and some in "England"?
I have one Vulfix labelled "Made in UK" and one Vulfix labelled "Hand Made In England" .
I am quite curious.


You are lucky getting to live there. It would be a dream come true to just visit there once for the TT race.


That is my dream to see the tt race. If you take more pics from the race please post them.

I pray everyone is safe and there are no injuries this year.
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