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Gentlemen! Behold... My blade box!

After getting down to the last 40 or so of my first 100-pack (Astra SP), and trying quite a few samplers graciously thrown in by fellow members as trade bonuses, I ordered a couple hundred more blades last week. Upon receiving them today, I realized that several boxes/sleeves/tucks strewn about under my sink was just not going to work.

And then I remembered I have an extra guitar pick retail display case in my jam room! It ain't pretty, but it fits everything I have currently (and just barely)

Its segmented, each row holds 8 tucks perfectly (or 6 in the case of the beefier 10-packs), and room on the right side for open ones to keep them away from the general population.

My first DIY project, and I didn't even "D" anything, really. Now, to work on used blade bank...


Cool, I worked on Peavey's old G-IV way back when. Nice repurposing
I used to work for the only Peavey dealer in my area. Awesome amps, extremely underrated guitars/basses.

I play through a 120W Triple XXX head into a Classic 4x12 loaded with Celestions. Absolute overkill for most of the venues I've ever played, but man, that tone.
Love it; That and an Altoids metal box for your 3 piece razor! Two excellent re-uses.
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