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My DIY razor

Today I was bored and decided to make a DIY razor and shave with it. I went to a hardware store and got a threaded rod with the diameter of 4mm and a pack of bolts. I used my angle grinder to cut the rod on size which is 8cm. I screwed all the bolts on the rod to create a handle and ended with something that looks like a DE razor but without the base plate and top cap.




I loaded it with a Wizamet Super Iridium blade and decided to use it, I also had a Fatip OC as a back up razor just in case the DIY razor wouldn't work. Okay, now it was time to use this "thing" that looks like a DE razor. I took a hot shower first then I lathered the Proraso shaving cream in my bowl. The plan was to do 3 passes. I really had no idea what to expect, to be honest I even have no idea why I'm doing this :biggrin1:

First pass: WTG
It really works even without stretching the skin, but on other areas it was much harder. Often I had the feeling that it wasn't cutting anything. I played with all kind of different angles and tried to find which angle I needed. The hardest part to shave was the stache, chin and jawline. The neck area surprised me because I had no issues at all shaving it. In the beginning I really thought that I would probably cut myself a lot but this wasn't the case, to be honest it shaves very aggressively but in a good way. I had the impression that it was impossible to cut myself.

Second pass: XTG
I had no issues shaving my cheeks, the stache area became a problem I felt like it wasn't cutting anything. Jawline and chin area; same story. I tried different angles and eventually gave up. I had a semi BBS on my cheek and neck area.

Third pass: ATG
ATG was no issue on my cheeks and neck area, I tried to do an ATG on the troublesome areas and I had some success but I wasn't satisfied with them. So I decided to remove the blade and load it into my Fatip and shave the area's I did a bad job on. Thanks to the Fatip I ended up with a full BBS.

Does it shave? Yes it does but you need to find the proper angles which can take quite some time, I believe I could get a full BBS using this "DIY" razor but for me it's not worth the time. Sometimes I noticed that it couldn't cut the whiskers for some unknown reason, maybe I had to use more pressure? Could I improve this "razor"? I think I can by adding a base plate and a cap. I could cut a part of a large plastic tube and see how that would work out. Yeah it is an aggressive tool but not in a bad way, it was very forgiving.
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