Gamechanger oc “Jaws”

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by retroman_1979, Jun 24, 2019.

    i received this in the mail today from the fine people at italian barber / razorock.


    I shaved with it tonight. It rocked. Voskhod in the chamber. First time with the combo. Chicago aftershave and I was attacked by the lady of the house after. All smiles. Get off the wallet
  1. Great review! Italian Barber is probably getting flooded with orders.
  2. Is IB no longer shipping their razors in a leather pouch? That was a nice bonus in imo.
  3. Is that the game changer open comb or the jaws? I thought they were different razors?
  4. No pouch I was very sad as I too like the pouch. Beer nuts, this is the “Jaws” razor, which is an open comb
  5. How does it compare to mamba 70 and gc 84?
  6. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    The "Jaws" is a copy of a OC that they used to sell but now in SS.
    The other OC is the new GC OC , correct?
  7. Beautiful!
    Is that the titanium handle?
  8. Correct. My question is how do the compAre?
  9. Yes
  10. I got my GC yesterday and it came in a lather pouch
  11. LOVELY!! Plus, LOTH approved!! :a29::a29:
  12. Which GC open comb model did you purchase?
  13. I have mamba 70 and the shave is awesome.
    I have the GC 84 and the shave is awesome, but slightly different feeling than M70
    The GC OC "Jaws" is awesome, but different feeling than M70 and GC84 with open comb.
    To summarize my reviews of multiple RR razors; awesome, but different, not crazy different, but nice different. With different handles slightly different, again awesome, but different. On average, awesome.

    I lack technical comparison abilities.
  14. Really?? Could've fooled me.... :001_tt2:

    Just funnin. Congrats and enjoy....:thumbup1:
  15. Thanks for the review. Jaws is a nice looking razor. When they are back in stock I will have to try one.
  16. .6 one
  17. Looks like a solid OC for my Gamechanger. I still can’t decide which to get JAWS OR the .84 OC for my Gamechanger. RR will have the OC razors in 3 weeks and No plates available (“We will have full OC razors in 3 weeks. No plates for now.”—straight from IB email)So if you’re desperate you have to buy full razor.
  18. Also Thank you for the Review!
  19. pbrmhl

    pbrmhl Contributor

    Has anyone tried both versions of the open comb, the standard .84 and the Jaws version?

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