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Fresh Cut Fade soap from 345 Soap Company

What could be better on a snowy New England morning than a nice relaxing wet shave routine?

Like most long-term wet shavers, I find the morning routine to be calming and enjoyable. The two parts that usually change daily are my shave soap, and razor and blade combo. Today I selected ‘Fresh Cut Fade’ soap made by 345 Soap Company in Colorado. For the razor I selected the ‘RazoRock Superslant’ Double Edge Razor - L3, from Italian Barber in Canada. The soap whipped up easily in my handled Suribachi bowl producing a rich, lubricating, hydrating lather with a unique Barbershop aroma reminding me of my neighborhood’s Italian barber shop of by teenage years. - Really memory evoking! I used a handmade hardwood handle brush from FarvourTurnCraft of Bardstown, Kentucky. The unique shave bowl was purchased from Paul Gruner Pottery of Annapolis, Maryland. You do not find many handled Suribachi bowls around. It’s very handy to have it sit in the sink immersed in hot water holding the handle while whipping up hot lather. Topped it off afterwards with the ‘Fresh Cut Fade’ aftershave. All in all, a fantastic combination producing a relaxing shave routine.
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