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    I commissioned Will at Barrister & Mann to make me 4 bottles of Behold the Whatsis! EDT. Absolutely awesome. It smells so good.
  1. Crown Spiced Limes (cologne)
    By The Crown Perfumery Company, Limited, England
    One of their lesser-known scents, I got it as new-old-stock, the company having folded many years ago. DSC00565.JPG
  2. Wow I didn't think there would be any left at this late in the game. I picked up two bottles back in January, plus some body wash and body spray. I really like the scent.
  3. Had a few samples from Madhat Scents land today. Mysore Lime, Pina, and Rosa Resin. All extraits and all glorious! My fav so far? I was shocked but it's Rosa Resin! So woody and sharp (I get a note of carrot tops), with a smokey booze and all tied together with a goodly dose of not at all feminine rose! Big bottles must be acquired!


    And based on my take on Rosa Resin I HAVE to try Madhat's Ash and Rose!
  4. I don't even know where to begin! This past year has been an all-out frenzy! Lots of powerhouse frags, lots of of old school colognes, lots of clone oils. This is a shot of just a portion of it.

    I got all 5 One Man Show edits
    Aramis, Yatagan, Kouros, Royal Copenhagen original and Musk, Paco Rabanne PH, Dunhill For Men and Edition, Zino Davidoff, Joop Homme, Stetson, Mesmerize, Ted Lapidus, Jovan Musk and Sex Appeal, Hai Karate, Canoe, nearly all the Pinaud Clubmans, Jade East, Kanon, British Sterling, too much English Leather, Boss Number One, Grey Flannel, Quorum, Mandom, Drakkar Noir, Azzaro PH and Chrome, Jaguar for Men, Bogart Signature, Dunhill Desire Extreme, Brut Vintage, Musk, Oceans, and Euro Original, Aramis Adventurer, Hanai Mori...did I say a lot of Stetson?

    I don't know what my signature scent is anymore. It's probably Aramis and Hai Karate with Pinaud Special Reserve Aftershave. But I'm all over the place!

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  5. I'm showing this to my wife the next time she catches me buying vintage Avon.
  6. Lol! You know, to some people this probably looks excessive, but it truly makes me happy. I've always been an imaginative and nostalgic person. These old school scents really are a way to feel like you're in another era. It's like magic.

    Btw, what do you buy? I only have Tai Winds in the Pepperbox Revolver Decanter. It smells exactly like Clubman Musk
  7. My favorite is Blend 7, and depending on the day, second and third place goes to either Tai Winds, Bay Rum or Spicy.

    And I agree, for me it is the nostalgia.
  8. [​IMG]

    I’m still in the beginning stages of building a fragrance collection.

    I’ve had the Terre D’Hermès the longest now and it’s definitely a fave. Never fail to be complimented on it when I wear it. Pairs well with APR ‘Fougere Trois’.

    Bulgari BLU is a very summery scent but I wear it often. It’s a ‘memory scent’ for me - my parents bought me a bottle many many years ago. I bought this bottle about a year ago and it reminds me of my mum when I wear it.

    I have two Australian Private Reserve EdP’s. Fresca Intensa and the newly released ‘Réserve Privée ‘Photos de fantômes’. I love Fresca - I received it for Christmas and it’s a perfect summer scent. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming full release (soap/splash/EdP) - I’ll be adding the lot.

    Photos de fantômes is amazing. Again, I’ve worn it twice this past week since receiving it and again complimented on it. It’s certainly the most complex of my collection but it’s genuinely beautiful.

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    Here is my latest foray into Men’s Fragrances. Some Jovan Musk for men and some Nautica Classic. Both in spray form. The musk smells great but the Nautica Classic is out of sight.
  10. B5F14EC7-6FB3-4FFD-AB47-C4A715538424.jpeg
    Here was my latest purchase all pretty good scents
  11. Had my first two scents from Madhat arrive today! They are usually 15ml bottles but Ryan was uber generous and gave me 30ml of Rosa Resin and I ordered 30ml of Aum Oud. The profiles on both of these are amazing and I have his other 4 scents coming!!!
  12. Annnnddd... The gang's all here!
    L to R: Palo Santo Plateau, Mysore Lime, Aum Oud, Rosa Resin, Pina, and Ash & Rose.
  13. 4CC1852E-5C4F-40A8-A74F-4D1B12D16453.jpeg
  14. Bit the bullet and ordered another 30ml of Madhat Scents Palo Santo Plateau! It's a GREAT summer scent!
  15. I think you might need to consider creating a new user id ---> madhatNUT.
  16. :D Perhaps! Just had another 30ml of Palo Santo Plateau land today but... What about my Bulldog obsession?
  17. 47460FD3-C9AC-4057-9733-08B338ED7FE0.jpeg

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