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Frag Acquisitions


Moderator Emeritus
Share what you've bought! I recently purchased a large amount of a great summer frag, so i'm going to have to live vicariously through you guys for the next 75 years!


Moderator Emeritus
Fine, nobody post in here.
I'll get you started. I bought 650ml of Lacoste Por Homme from Chandos. Yes, 650ml.
I love it. It's perfect for Florida, where today it will be 90+ degrees and 75% humidity. For most of the year here, a lot of frags are just too heavy and stifling to wear. Lacoste Por Homme fits the bill. And if necessary, I have enough of it for the entire state.
I just got five 5ml minis (25ml total) of Dior Vetiver off the Bay last week. It's discontinued, so I wanted to make sure I had a small stash.
Don't forget about the discount or odd-lot shops. The original price on these was $6.41 each. They then got a $2.99 sticker and finally a clearance price of $1.49 each.

In the past 3 weeks:

L'Occitaine-Eau des Banx
Aramis Havana
Grey Flannel
Jacomo de Jacomo

All thanks to the start the traveling frag box gave me. (although the entire bottle of Jacomo was in there for the taking!)
Recent Acquisitions are :

Vintage Aramis Devin, Travel Size .5 ml, about 40% left.

Vintage Aramis 900, .5 ml
Recently Acquired :

Roadster Sport Cartier 3.4 oz 28.00 bucks at my favorite discount store.

Versace L' Homme 3.4 oz for about 26.00 bucks,

Miller Harris Feuilles De Tabac samples

Aramis Havanna , vintage , Travel Size
I recently acquired two fragrances: Bleu de Chanel (1.7 oz for the retail price) and Bvlgari Pour Homme (3.4oz for $35). Neither are earth-shattering for any unique reasons, but both are terrific and great-smelling scents for daily summer office wear.
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